“The wonderful thing about dreams, whatever your age, culture, politics, you still dream. It illustrates our shared humanity. So focusing on your dreams is focusing on what unites us all, we all dream.”

Theresa Cheung on dreams as a shared element of the human experience.

On an episode of The Gabby Reece Show, Gabby chatted with Theresa Cheung, a dream decoder on how dreams can reveal our unconscious thoughts, how to self reflect using your dreams, and why enjoying the moment is the key to happiness. 

What is dream decoding?

“When you have a dream, understanding what your intuition—your heart—is trying to tell you through the symbolic pictures of dreams and then using that information in your waking life to bring you fresh perspective, a bigger picture, a beneath-the-surface meaning.”

On the meaning of dreams: 

On the pod, Theresa noted that some people need a little help decoding their dreams and that’s when they turn to a dream dictionary, which helps give meaning to different themes and symbols. However, she pointed out that the best dream dictionary is the one you’d write yourself and that everyone has their own unique symbols.

A couple of universal symbols that generally apply to all of us?

  • The sun, which symbolizes a new day, optimism, or warmth, and;
  • Water, which is universal symbol of emotion.

On dreams revealing our unconscious thoughts: 

“During the day, we’re led by our head and our ego—we have to because we have to get things done….but at night, when we fall asleep, everything that our heart has noticed but our head hasn’t, comes to the fore in a symbolic metaphorical way.”

How to self reflect via your dreams:

  • Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams;
  • Ponder them and “treat them with the respect they deserve.”

A dream decoder on happiness:

On the pod, Theresa noted that, “happiness is loving who [you are], loving the taste of a pizza, watching a leaf fall from a tree and seeing the magic, and that is the journey of our lives…because everything is transient.” She followed that, most people think they will be happy when they reach a certain goal or point in their lives, but if you’re not enjoying the present moment, what’s the point?