Although once stigmatized, responsible consumption of coffee has been linked to numerous health benefits

For centuries, humans have been drinking coffee. Over that time period, the world’s favorite beverage has undergone an impressive array of research. In the research, coffee has been labeled a “possible carcinogen” while later being heralded for its potential cancer-preventing characteristics.

The general understanding of coffee nowadays leans towards the latter.  In addition to its links to preventing certain types of cancers, coffee has also been associated with other mental and physical health benefits. 

That’s why companies like Purity Coffee are so proud of their product– because not only do their consumers benefit from the advantages of consuming coffee, but they also get to enjoy the benefits of Purity Coffee’s unique process.

Purity Coffee farmers are paid much more than the Fair Trade cost, and are in a different category. I love that Purity only buys from privately owned estates and can guarantee that no coffee they buy is less in cost than the Fair Trade price.  In a nutshell, Purity Coffee goes Beyond Fair Trade when it comes to their relationship with coffee farmers. Typically they pay 3X or more for our coffee than the average Fair Trade coffee due to its superior quality.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Consuming Clean Coffee

Despite coffee’s complicated history, the current scientific understanding of coffee is that routine consumption can render both physical and mental health benefits for some people, ranging from decreasing the risk of heart disease and acting as an antidepressant.

clean coffee beans
  • Some scientific evidence suggests that daily consumption of coffee can lower the risk of heart disease in some people.
  • Researchers have found that the caffeine in coffee is capable of protecting the cells in the brain that produce dopamine, maintaining a healthy amount of dopamine in the brain. Therefore, certain neurodegenerative diseases that are caused by the lack of dopamine, like Parkinson’s Disease, may be mitigated by consuming coffee on a daily basis for many years.
  • Important chemicals like polyphenols and minerals like magnesium found in coffee improve the effectiveness of insulin and glucose metabolism in the body. This relationship has the ability to decrease the risk of type-2 diabetes.
  • Caffeine in coffee has been found to increase alertness and attention, as well as boost mood and decrease anxiety. Furthermore, for some people, coffee can function like an anti-depressant thanks to the polyphenols in the beverage, which act as antioxidants and decrease oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain.
  • Caffeine, along with other chemicals found in coffee, is able to prevent the formation of gallstones. This is possible because coffee prevents cholesterol from crystalizing in the gallbladder. In addition, coffee stimulates contractions in the gallbladder and increases bile flow, which prevents gallstone formation.
  • Consuming moderate amounts of coffee on a daily basis for many years may mitigate the risk of early death. Coffee’s ability to do this is attributed to its preventative characteristics concerning deadly diseases and cancers. 


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Excessive Coffee Drinking May Lead to Unhealthy Outcomes

An overwhelming amount of scientific research supports the idea that daily consumption of coffee is perfectly healthy for most people. However, there’s also a steady stream of research and opinions that argue that coffee consumption may not be for everyone, especially if consumed in excess.

Excessive coffee consumption is linked to numerous unhealthy (and uncomfortable) outcomes. While everyone is different, most of these unwanted outcomes of coffee consumption derive from the caffeine that’s present in the beverage. This is especially true for individuals who have caffeine sensitivity. 

  • Heightened blood pressure and heart palpitations
  • Increased anxiety 
  • Stomach irritation
  • Trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, and sometimes, full-blown insomnia 
  • Feeling unsettled and jittery
  • Addiction and subsequent withdrawal symptoms, like headaches and mood swings, when coffee consumption is delayed or ceased altogether.

In addition to the drawbacks of too much caffeine from drinking coffee, coffee can also be harmful to you due to unhealthy additives. In particular, excessive amounts of dairy products like cream or milk and refined sugars can be bad for your health. 

Lastly, coffee may not be that healthy for you if it’s low-quality and not organic. Low-quality coffee may not include the same amounts of powerful antioxidants. In addition, non-organic coffees may have been grown with harmful chemicals or additives, which are bad for you and the environment.

Fortunately, there are tons of coffee producers in the world that prioritize the necessity for high-quality and organic standards, like Purity Coffee.   

The Purity Coffee Process

Purity Coffee follows strict adherence to a core set of health-first standards in every step of their coffee manufacturing process– from the beans they select to how those beans eventually are packaged and sent to consumers like you for enjoyment. 


Purity is committed to producing regeneratively farmed and certified organic coffee beans. Regenerative farming strives to foster ecological balance and promote biodiversity by deploying farming practices that do not overly harm the earth while enriching local culture.  


All of the coffee that Purity sources are 100% Arabica and organic. The beans are ethically sourced, fully traceable to the original farms, and imported in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner possible.

In addition, Purity only sources defect-free coffee beans. Defects can occur from poor agricultural practices, bad seasonal weather, and problematic transportation or storage. By avoiding defective coffee beans, Purity ensures that their beans can be optimally roasted, improving their nutrition value and taste.  


Not all Purity Coffee beans are decaffeinated. However, when Purity does manufacture decaffeinated coffee, they send the beans straight from the farm to the Swiss Water Decaffeination Facility, where 99.9% of the caffeine is removed. Throughout the process, no solvent-based or toxic practices are deployed. 

Then, for the roasting process, Purity ensures that their roasters completely clear out any leftover residue from regular coffee before beginning to process thier decaf beans.  


For Purity Coffee, the roasting process is one of the most critical. That’s because the roasting process is responsible for imbuing the majority of the flavor and burning off toxins. For all their beans, Purity has found an ideal roasting time where they burn off chemicals like acrylamide while not overroasting to the point where carcinogens can be produced.

The Purity Coffee roasting process is also dialed in to maximize the coffee’s levels of its most beneficial compounds, like healthy chlorogenic acids and other desirable antioxidant compounds.    

Quality Testing

Purity Coffee is one of the only companies on the market that is actively testing their coffee for antioxidant and micronutrient retention. They do this to guarantee that their coffee not only tastes great but is as nutritional for your body as possible. In addition to this testing, Purity also relies on third-party testing to ensure their coffee is free from pesticides, mycotoxins, mold, and other contaminants. 


Purity Coffees are known for having balanced yet complex flavor profiles. Many of their coffee blends boast delicious notes of fruits, nuts, chocolates, and caramelized sugars. Regardless of your coffee preferences, there is a Purity product that will suit your fancy.

Packaging  & Shipping

Fresh coffee is more nutritious for you. To maximize freshness and, therefore, nutritional value, Purity Coffee has invested in the industry’s highest standards regarding packaging and shipping. 

One way Purity does this is by flushing each coffee bag with nitrogen gas, effecting decreasing oxygen levels in the bag to 2% or less. Less oxygen in the bag stunts the oxidation process, ensuring that the coffee remains fresh and that its nutritional qualities do not degrade before you can brew a cup. 

Final Thoughts About Drinking Coffee and Purity Coffee

There are millions of coffee drinkers throughout the world. Competing for the cups of those coffee drinkers is a multi-billion dollar industry of coffee farmers, roasters, and manufacturers. Unfortunately, not every producer in the industry is always focused on high-quality standards regarding growing their coffee, sourcing beans, roasting, quality testing, and then putting it in the hands and cups of consumers.

That’s where Purity Coffee stands out from the pack. They aren’t like “the other guys.” Purity Coffee is committed to producing a product that aligns with its health-first perspective. And by relentlessly focusing on health, you, as the consumer of the world’s favorite beverage, can not only enjoy a cup of delicious-tasting coffee but also benefit from its complicated array of advantages for your body and mind.