Because of its proximity to town and woodsy feel, the Lower Hunter Creek Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Aspen. For this reason, if you want to run unobstructed by day hikers, it’s best to go early in the morning.

Klubb tip: Wildlife is prevalent on this trail, if you’re running in the early morning or late evening, make sure to stay alert and run with a friend.

About Hunter Creek

I’d say this is one of the most popular trails in town. A short walk from downtown, the Hunter Creek trail is just off the Rio Grande Trial. The trail features amazing waterfalls, winding single track, and beautiful forest. There isn’t too much elevation gain on the lower section so it is great for getting a run in.

If you are looking for a longer hike, you can connect to the Upper Hunter Creek Trail. For an even longer adventure, continue on the Upper Hunter Creek trail and connect to the Sunnyside trail.

Lower Hunter Creek Trail Information

Directions to Lower Hunter Creek Trailhead

directions to lower hunter creek trail
View From Rio Grande Trail bridge just before Lower Hunter Creek Trailhead

Beginning at the Lower Hunter Creek Trailhead off of Lone Pine Road, this out-and-back trail takes you the length of the Lower Hunter Creek Trail. The trail ascends moderately to start with some steeper/rocky sections towards the middle and end. You’ll cross lots of bridges and run on mostly soft terrain. Turn back at the intersection of the Lower Hunter Creek Trail and the Hunter Valley Trail.

Best time of year to hike Lower Hunter Creek

Between June and October are the best times to hike Lower Hunter Creek Trail in Aspen. Depending on when the snow starts to melt can push this time window up or back. May is known as the slush month when everything is soggy and muddy.

More Hiking Trails in Aspen

To find more Hikes in Aspen, check out our complete guide to hiking in Aspen. I lived in Aspen for one year and was able to test out each of these trails myself. Running the Lower Hunter Creek Trail was part of my weekly routine. The trailhead is close to town and next to the grocery store. After finishing my run on Hunter Creek Trail, I’d grab groceries and walk home. Life is pretty amazing in Aspen.

One of my other favorite trails is the Ajax Trail on the face of Aspen Mountain. This is another short trail that is great for a quick run or refreshing hike. There are a few dozen trails on the face of Aspen Mountain, including a few that take you to the Sundeck at 11,000’+ elevation. The most popular of these is the Ute Trail.