List of National Parks by State (Plus National Park Map)

Currently, there are 62 national parks that span across 29 different states. See the National Park map and list below for each of the parks. Visitors have endless opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, bird and animal watching, interpretive programs and educational activities.

US National Parks List

Acadia (Maine)

American Samoa

Arches (Utah)

Badlands (South Dakota)

Big Bend (Texas)

Biscayne (Florida)

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Bryce Canyon


Capital Reef

Carlsbad Caverns

Channel Islands


Crater Lake

Cuyahoga Valley

Death Valley


Dry Tortugas


Gates of the Arctic (Alaska)

Gateway Arch

Glacier Bay (Alaska)

Glacier (Montana)

Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Grand Teton (Wyoming)

Great Basin

Great Sand Dunes

Great Smokey Mountains

Guadalupe Mountains


Hawaii Volcanoes

Hot springs

Indiana Dunes

Isle Royale (Michigan)

Joshua Tree (California)


Kenai Fjords

Kings Canyon

Kobuk Valley

Lake Clark

Lassen Volcanic

Mammoth Cave

Mesa Verde

Mount Rainer

New River Gorge

North Cascades


Petrified Forest



Rocky Mountain




Theodore Roosevelt

Virgin Islands


White Sands

Wind Cave

Wrangell-St. Ellas



Zion (Utah)

About US National Parks

The United States of America is home to some of the most iconic and stunningly beautiful National Parks in the world. From the vast and diverse landscapes of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho to the culture-rich vistas of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, each park is a unique exploration into our natural history.

Within these national parks, visitors can explore monuments carved by ancient glaciers, meadows filled with colorful wildflowers, rivers winding through majestic forests, and captivating wildlife such as soaring eagles or playful otters.

National parks play an integral role in preserving our nation’s history. Many are home to archaeological sites that tell stories from thousands of years ago when Native Americans lived there—from cliff dwellings left behind by Ancestral Puebloan people at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado to petroglyphs discovered at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The wonders found within each park support a variety of conservation efforts including endangered species protection and community engagement initiatives.

The country’s oldest national park is Yellowstone which was established in 1872. Since then countless others have officially joined its ranks as part of the United States’ commitment to protecting our lands for future generations.

National Park Map