For me and millions of other action sports athletes, starting the day with a cup of coffee is a must. Coffee has been a staple in my morning routine for the last 15 years. During this time I’ve competed in some of the most extreme races and operated businesses in one of the most competitive markets. When pushing yourself at the highest level, everything you eat and drink matters. So, when I switched from energy gummies to raw treats and saw an immediate performance increase, I knew this was just the start.

Why Drinking Clean Coffee Matters

When training at a high level everything you eat and drink matters. As a high performer, you are always looking for ways to improve 1%. Simple things like switching to a clean coffee brand – one that tests for mycotoxins and mold in coffee beans – can deliver exponential performance increases.

What is Clean Coffee?

Clean coffee, also known as mold-free coffee, is a type of coffee that has been processed and tested to ensure that the coffee is free of mold. This type of coffee is gaining popularity among health-conscious individuals due to its benefits over regular coffee.

Mold is a common problem in regular coffee beans due to the moist conditions they are stored in after harvest, which can lead to health issues such as allergies, headaches, and stomach problems.

Clean coffee also undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it is free of mycotoxins, which are toxic substances produced by certain types of mold. These toxins can cause a variety of health problems when consumed in large quantities, from neurological issues to liver damage. By eliminating mycotoxins and other harmful substances, clean coffee offers a safer and healthier caffeine fix.

About High Antioxidant Coffee

Before we dive into high-antioxidant coffee, let’s first understand what antioxidants are. Antioxidants are compounds found in certain foods and beverages that help fight against harmful molecules in our bodies known as free radicals. These free radicals can cause damage to our cells and DNA, leading to various health problems.

The Importance of Antioxidants in Our Diet

Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining our overall health. They help protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer by neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. In fact,

Aside from its health benefits, coffee is also known for its high antioxidant content. However, not all types of coffee are created equal when it comes to antioxidants.

What is High Antioxidant Coffee?

High-antioxidant coffee refers to coffee beans that have been found to contain high levels of antioxidants compared to regular or conventional coffee beans. These antioxidants include chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and melanoidins, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

How is it Made?

The high antioxidant content in coffee beans is a result of the way they are grown, harvested, and processed. High-antioxidant coffee beans are typically shade-grown at higher altitudes, which leads to slower maturity and more time for the development of antioxidants. They are also processed using methods that preserve the antioxidants, such as wet processing or natural drying.

Low Acid Coffee

One of the main benefits of high-antioxidant coffee is its low acid content. Low-acid coffee refers to coffee that has significantly lower levels of acidity compared to regular or conventional coffee. This makes it a more suitable option for those who experience discomfort or adverse reactions from drinking regular coffee.

One of the ways high-antioxidant coffee achieves its low acid content is through the roasting process. The beans are roasted at lower temperatures and for shorter periods, which helps to preserve the antioxidants and reduce the formation of acids.

Who Can Benefit from Low Acid Coffee?

Athletes or individuals who are highly active may benefit from drinking low acid coffee. High levels of acidity in regular coffee have been linked to dehydration, as the body has to work harder to neutralize the acids. Low acid coffee can provide a hydrating alternative for those who need to stay hydrated during physical activity.

Is Organic Coffee Worth It?

If you are serious about your diet and optimizing wellness then organic coffee is worth it. I try to maintain an organic diet across everything I consume. While coffee can be easily overlooked when it comes to quality, I can say from trying so many different brands that Purity Organic coffee is worth it.

After drinking organic coffee for a few years now, I notice the difference in my stomach if I have inferior coffee. Drinking low acid organic coffee that is tested for mycotoxins makes a huge difference in my gut. When I have a cup of generic coffee, I feel a rotting feeling in my stomach. I also noticed that I need multiple cups of non-organic coffee to have the same effect as one cup of high quality coffee.

About Purity Coffee

Out dated studies from the 1950’s painted the picture that coffee consumption can have negative effects on health and wellness. Eager to find out the truth behind the effects of coffee, the founders of Purity brought together a team of the best scientists to find out the truth once and for all.

Purity is the Best Organic Mold Free Coffee

With the slogan “Feel Your Best, Perform Your Best,” you already know that Purity coffee will benefit your body and mind. Many coffee companies are commercially grown, which lowers the cost and quality of the beans. It also removes nutrients from coffee, providing a dull and lifeless taste. Purity Coffee prides itself on nutrient-rich roasts targeting specific sections of your wellness journey. Here is everything you need to know about this healthy coffee brand that is taking the coffee world by storm. 

Purity Coffee Roasts

Purity FLOW: Best Organic Mold-Free Coffee

Purity FLOW is an original coffee blend from Purity that is produced on farms in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Colombia. The coffee is fully traceable for food safety and security reasons. Being traceable is so essential since it allows you to learn about the story of the farm where it is produced. 

This will teach consumers about the flavors in the beans and the methods the farm uses to produce them. Purity believes it’s better to rely on one origin since the beans are produced once a year. Towards the end of the year, green coffee will begin losing its organic ingredients. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with Purity FLOW.  

Best Organic Mold-Free Coffee

Purity FLOW is the best organic mold-free coffee created to benefit your overall health. This medium roast coffee was Purity’s original blend, which they had spent years improving using organic farming and lab testing the coffee. This process ensures that the beans are mold-free and free of mycotoxins. 

They also measure beneficial compounds like antioxidants, trigonelline, nutrients, and caffeine levels. These nutrients in Purity FLOW provide antioxidant support and anti-inflammatory activity. This means you can improve your stomach issues, fatigue, and much more just by drinking a cup of coffee. 

Purity FLOW creates a balanced coffee that keeps maximum CGA. CGA affects the coffee’s natural acidity, which decreases during the coffee’s roasting time. Purity found that the roast level “sweet spot” makes it comfortable on the stomach without being too intense.

Purity EASE

Try Purity’s delicious dark roast coffee, Purity EASE. This roast is unique because it’s not roasted dark enough to produce harmful levels of PAH. That is because Purity takes the coffee out before it can get to the temperature where PAH begins to develop quickly.

Purity EASE  is an excellent choice for coffee drinkers with digestive issues. Thanks to its digestive system support, microbiota balance, and a higher pH than its original roast. So enjoy your cup of Purity EASE, knowing you are helping your body.

High CGA Levels

Purity EASE still has antioxidant capacity, but the total CGA is about half of Purity FLOW. Those high CGA levels can produce gastric fluid in those who have sensitive stomachs. So this darker roast can be a better choice, thanks to its lower acrylamide content than Purity FLOW.


Another healthy blend is Purity PROTECT, an organic light medium coffee scientifically formulated for liver health. This blend was curated to improve your liver health after reports have shown that coffee can positively affect it. Several studies found that coffee drinkers with chronic liver disease have a reduced risk of cirrhosis and a lower incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma, regardless of their primary etiology. 

This light roast has high chlorogenic acid levels balanced by coffee’s sugars. This makes the coffee taste delicious, with a hint of sweetness and clean-tasting flavor. Drinking about 3 cups of coffee can even lower the risk of liver damage for various reasons. Those who suffer from inflammation may have elevated liver enzymes, which can cause damage to the liver cells. So drinking a healthy cup of Purity PROTECT could help you with current liver issues.

Mycotoxin-Free Coffee

This mycotoxin-free coffee is organic and free of toxins, just like the rest of Purity’s healthy blends. This means the coffee has specialty-grade beans that have been evaluated as being free from molds and mycotoxin. This title is awarded when they have scored over 80 out of 100 by a certified grader. 

Purity CALM

If you are a decaf coffee drinker, you are going to love Purity CALM. This roast is delicious, as it’s still made with the same high-quality coffee that is featured in their other roasts. 

Purity CALM is sent from the farm to Canada’s Swiss Water® decaffeination establishment. They yield more than 99.9% caffeine-free coffee, which is impressive. In order to be a legally decaffeinated coffee, the roast has to have at least 97% of its caffeine removed in the U.S. and 99.9% in Europe.

On top of that, Purity’s roasting partner clears the roasters of any spare regular coffee before roasting. Purity CALM has a mild flavor profile of dark chocolate, vanilla, and sweet red apple-like acidity.  


Like all of Purity’s roasts, this decaf coffee is specialty-grade, certified organic, and regeneratively farmed. So you can feel confident when drinking your Decaf cup of coffee. They are also environmentally friendly thanks to them being Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The Purity Process


The process starts with farming, which is one of the most critical steps in producing high-quality coffee. While many commercial coffee farmers create bad-tasting coffee at lower costs, Purity puts time and effort into their farming process. 

The coffee brand spent years testing coffee and ensured they chose the highest CGAs and antioxidants from farms that use regenerative organic agriculture.


Next up is sourcing the beans. Purity Coffee only chooses the highest quality, ethically sourced, and specialty-grade beans. The organic arabica beans are hand-picked after they are grown on traceable farms. Being able to trace a farm is so important since you can track harmful chemicals and toxins and the beans’ growing processes. This will also allow you to learn about the farm’s stories and follow their climate cycle. 


Purity Coffee takes its roasting phase very seriously since different heat levels can cause chemical compounds. They will test the outcomes of different roasting protocols, finding the perfect balance in their beans. They roast them just long enough to burn off toxins and stop before PaHs are produced. Purity Coffee also ensures that healthy CGAs and antioxidant compounds are optimized in their roasting process. 


After roasting, the beans are sent to third parties to test for pesticides, mold, mycotoxins, and other contaminants. They are the only coffee brand on the market testing for these toxins and ensuring maximum nutrients are in the beans. 


Once the beans have passed testing, Purity Coffee will ensure the taste meets its standards. Each bag of coffee is balanced, providing a flavorful and high-quality taste. When enjoying a cup of Purity Coffee, you can expect flavors of chocolates, nuts, fruit, and caramelized sugars. The tastes will change with the farm’s crop cycles in different regions of the world. 


Now the coffee is ready to be enjoyed, but the process doesn’t stop there. Purity Coffee also makes sure their packaging and shipping process is the same quality as their coffee. This includes making sure the coffee’s antioxidants do not degrade, and oils do not turn rancid. Coffee bags are flushed with nitrogen, getting oxygen levels at 2%. This keeps the coffee fresh; you will know when you smell it in your newly opened bag. 

Purity Coffee vs Competitors

So many coffee brands are on the shelves these days, including some of Purity Coffee’s top competitors. Let’s talk about what makes Purity Coffee different from its two top opponents.

Purity Coffee vs Lifeboost 

Purity Coffee and Lifeboost are both coffee brands that strive to produce healthy and quality coffee. They are both organic, using arabica beans that are sustainably farmed. These brands ensure their beans are mold-free and mycotoxin-free by testing the coffee extensively. 

There are a few differences between the two. Lifeboost has a variety of roasts, while Purity Coffee focuses on specialty roasts that target specific health goals. This allows coffee drinkers to focus on their health concerns without having too many options. Purity Coffee is also more affordable than Life Boost, offering some of the best prices on organic coffee. While both brands are healthy, Purity Coffee is a top pick for budget-conscious organic coffee drinkers.

Purity Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is infamous for being the world’s strongest coffee, which is already quite different from Purity Coffee. Purity Coffee focuses more on nutrients and benefits than just on caffeine. However, both brands are USDA Organic and use arabica coffee beans. 

Death Wish Coffee produces quality coffees with high caffeine and bold flavors. Meanwhile, Purity Coffee focuses on producing high-quality coffee with nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits. While both coffee brands are tasty, Purity Coffee wins with those who are focused on their fitness and health goals.

The Healthiest Coffee Brand

Purity Coffee is hands down one of the healthiest coffee brands on the market. From extra nutrients to organic beans, your cup of coffee is filled with wellness benefits. Their delicious organic flavors and affordability are just an added bonus!