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In a world filled with thousands of medications, it can be hard to know what the proper treatment is for you. New and innovative treatments are coming to the market all the time, thanks to science and technology. One of the options taking the world by storm is at-home ketamine treatments. 

These treatments help those struggling with anxiety, depression, and other disorders. Here is everything you need to know about the growth of at-home ketamine treatments and the best at-home treatment provider to use.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine has been utilized in medical environments since the 1950s and is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. Approved by the FDA in 1970, Ketamine was initially used as an anesthetic. While it is broadly known that ketamine has been utilized for centuries to anesthetize both animals and humans, earning it the nickname “horse tranquilizer,” it boasts various additional, less recognized advantages.

Today, thanks to its therapeutic possibility, doctors began exploring the benefits of Ketamine for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Since then, it has been used by medical experts as an off-label prescription for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, OCD, and substance dependence.

Ketamine is quickly becoming a trusted therapy for depression, anxiety, and more. It is a transformational medicine that helps your mind. You will feel it start to work within a few hours of your first dose. These effects can last for months with the help of periodic boosters.

Clinic Studies with At-Home Ketamine Treatments

New research studies are constantly being worked on regarding what Ketamine can support. Anxiety and depression are the most common conditions, while PTSD, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation are some others. 

Here are some facts from Mindbloom’s clinical studies, which is a top at-home ketamine treatment provider…. 89% of clients at Mindbloom reported progress in their depression and anxiety after four sessions. While 62% of participants who reported suicidal ideation no longer reported suicidal ideation after four sessions.

How Ketamine Helps Anxiety & Depression

So, how does Ketamine help those who suffer from anxiety and depression? There are a few different benefits.

Promotes Neuroplasticity

First, it is said to promote neuroplasticity in your brain. When your mind feels anxiety or depression, neurons are restricted, making fewer connections with your brain. Ketamine has been known to promote neuroplasticity, which helps boost new connections between those neurons.

Decreases Negative Thoughts

If you have ever dealt with anxiety or depression, you are probably familiar with negative thoughts. These thoughts can affect someone’s life and divert them from doing what they genuinely love.

Ketamine provides relief to negativity by normalizing the activity in the default mode network of your brain. Changing this pattern in the brain allows you to create new patterns rather than continue with harmful patterns. 

Best At-Home Ketamine Treatment: Mindbloom

Mindbloom is one of the best at-home ketamine treatment services. They are easy to use and ensure you are a good candidate for the treatment. They aim to help you improve your mood, outlook on life, and overall well-being

They suggest clinician-prescribed medicine treatments with the support of experienced guides. Here is an overview of what you can expect. 

Health Screening

The first step is to fill out a form on the website, which Mindbloom will use to contact you. You will then be paired with a licensed Mindbloom clinician. 

The team of licensed psychiatric clinicians at Mindbloom are experts who have facilitated over 300,000 sessions of ketamine therapy. They will do a Health Screening with you to discuss your health form and decide if Ketamine is a good fit for you.

Receiving Your Bloombox

Once you meet with the Clinician, you will be mailed a Bloombox right to your home. This box will contain everything that you need to start your Ketamine Treatment. 

The BloombBox will include a welcome guide that will walk you through what is needed for your treatment, the following steps, and guidance from the team at Mindbloom. You will also receive a journal that you can use to write and keep your process and integration notes throughout your time with Mindbloom. Many will write down an intention before they start their session, 

A blood pressure monitor will also be in your Bloombox. Your Guide will ask for the readings before and after your treatment. You will also receive an eye mask, which will help keep you comfortable during your treatment. Eye masks prevent unnecessary interruptions during your treatment.

Lastly, your medicine case will be in the box. Your actual medicine will ship separately from Mindbloom’s partner pharmacies. Once you receive that, you can put it into your convenient case. 

Your First Session With Your Guide

Once you receive your box, you will meet with your guide. They will prepare you for the treatment and make sure you take your medicine safely. The guides are extensively trained in Ketamine Treatments so you will be in good hands.

A reliable adult is required at home or in the next room during their session. They call this the “Peer Treatment Monitor,” and this person will be in contact with the Mindbloom team to confirm that the treatment is going smoothly.

You will have a ten-minute walkthrough with your Peer Treatment Monitor during your first session. This will be followed by a 60-minute ketamine session. After the treatment is done, you will spend 30 minutes journaling about your session.

How Do You Take At-Home Ketamine

When ready, you will place the treatment under your tongue as it absorbs. You then will lie down on the couch with an eye mask on in utter relaxation. You will feel the effects within 10-15 minutes of your treatment, lasting throughout the hour that you are lying down.

Ketamine is provided at low doses, which helps offset your mind from negative thinking or depressing thoughts. 

Discussing Your Results

Once your first session is completed, you will answer questions in the Session 1 Dose Review form. This will let Mindbloom know if you need a check-in from your clinician.

After your first treatment, you can also discuss your results and future with your guide. Depending on your goal, they will help you continue your path of choice. Mindbloom also offers Integration Circles and support groups you can attend with other patients. So you can discuss your journey and session with others going through similar experiences.

Mindbloom experts suggest doing six sessions for full results. But every patient is different, so your guides will curate a plan that is best for you and your treatment after the first session.

Does MindBloom Accept Insurance?

Mindbloom does not accept insurance at this time, but some patients can get reimbursed by their insurance provider. Once your first virtual visit is completed, Mindbloom will give you a “superbill, ” which is a detailed invoice you can submit to them.

Nothing is worse than finishing a doctor’s appointment and paying the entire bill on the way out. Mindlboom also allows you to make Affordable monthly payments rather than pay at once as in-person clinics charge. They even have options where you could be eligible for partial insurance reimbursement and HSA/FSA savings.

At-Home Ketamine vs In-Person Ketamine Clinics

In-person ketamine clinics are an option in certain places, so why do patients prefer to do the at-home treatment instead? There are benefits of doing an at-home treatment rather than in person.

The main one is being in the comfort of your home. It can be overwhelming when trying new medications or treatments; being at home will put your mind at ease. You will also be familiar with the area, making it easier to relax and focus on the treatment.

You will also have your Peer Treatment Monitor near you during the session. Studies show that patients are more relaxed when they have someone they trust with them at doctors’ visits. This will help you calm your mind before starting your treatment.

The Future Of At-Home Ketamine Treatments

The world is a crazy place, and depression is higher than ever. More and more patients are researching at-home ketamine treatments every day. Many depression medications can produce intense side effects that can be harmful to your body, making Ketamine a safer option for some. 

While everyone is different, looking at new treatments on the market is always good. Mindbloom makes it easy to meet with a clinician to see if ketamine is right for you. You can receive a 100% refund if you decide at-home ketamine treatments are not a good match for you.