For athletes, energy is everything. It’s the difference between pushing through the last mile and calling it a day. While eating clean and proper hydration are the most important steps to performance, energy gummies can help find a new gear while training or competing. As a lifelong action sports athlete, I’ve tried just about everything to get an extra 1% on race day. Using energy gummies for running has been a staple in my training for years. When my training is over 1 hour long I start to supplement with gummies. If you’re taking your training to the next level, consider supplementing with energy gummies.

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Best Energy Gummies for Runners

Best Energy Gummies for Running

I am fairly picky when it comes to my energy gummies and have a different brand and form-factor that I use pre-workout and during workouts. Through years of trial and error I’ve found the combo that works best for me. If you are just starting out – give this a shot and tweak as needed. If you are a seasoned athlete and looking to try something new to find that extra X% better performance, here is my routine.

2 Hour Training Sessions

  • 3 Days out I start to hydrate with 128oz of water a day (32oz plain water, 32oz electrolyte water, 32oz plain water, 32oz electrolyte water) use a Nalgene Bottle for easy hydration tracking.
  • The day of I start with a diluted 32oz of water and electrolyte. I want to make sure I have enough sodium so not too cramp. While drinking the last 8oz or so of water (15min prior to workout), I take two Bulletproof Energy Gummies.
  • During activity I continue to hydrate with my diluted electrolyte/water mix. Around hour 1.5 I eat a package of Honey Stinger Gummies. This gives me a nice boost of carbs, sugar, and is a nice reward for my previous 90 minutes of working out.
  • If the race is over 4 hours long I typically will also eat poi, a Hawaiian food that is made from Taro root. Poi is gentle on the stomach and contains 65g of Carbohydrates (24% of daily value) per cup with no sugar. It is also high in iron, roughly 2.1mg or around 10% of daily value per cup. The combo of gummies and poi has gotten me through some of the most grueling races in the world, including the Molokai 2 Oahu World Championship.

Pre-Workout Energy Gummies

The Bulletproof Energy Gummies are my goto for pre-workout energy gummies. Their gummies are loaded with Brain Octane oil – a MCT supplement that provides sustained energy and increased metabolism. I find that taking these gummies before a hard training activity gives me a strong initial boost and sustained energy over the first 1.5 hours. For workouts over 2 hours long, I start to supplement with a during-activity energy gummy. I do this because having too much MCT is hard on my stomach. I get a big benefit from having two Bulletproof Energy Gummies first thing. After that, I am hydrating and trying to find my flow state.

During Activity Energy Gummies

Honey Stinger Energy Gummies

When I am 1.5 hours plus into training I start to take Honey Stinger Energy Gummies. The Honey Stinger gummies have different ingredients that are absorbed at different rates. All Honey Stinger Gummy ingredients are Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Non-GMO. Each package contains about 10 chews. Eating the whole package – which is what I typically do over the course of 5-10 minutes – gets you 39g of Carbohydrates, 65mg of Sodium, and 60mg of Vitamin C. Having a high carb chew that is easy to digest gives me the sustained energy I need at the 1.5 or 2 hour mark.

Mental Benefits of Energy Gummies

The brain requires as much fuel as the body does, especially when you’re training hard. The higher metabolic demand means a higher calorie intake, and you can’t always reach for a meal or an energy drink at the gym. That’s where energy gummies come in. They help keep you alert and focused, so you can push harder for longer. So, if you’re preparing for an intense workout and need to stay sharp mentally, energy gummies will do the trick.

Exercise Optimization

Energy gummies aren’t a magic solution, but they can help you overcome that final obstacle when you’re ready to drop. They help give you that final push that’ll carry you a little further, and sometimes that’s all athletes need to make the difference. With the right energy gummies, you can accelerate your performance and make your workouts more productive.

How to Use Energy Gummies for Running

As an athlete, you know how important it is to keep your body fueled before, during, and after your runs. While there are plenty of energy drinks and bars available, energy gummies are a great alternative that offer a convenient, easy-to-digest, and tasty option for runners on the go. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using energy gummies for running.

Understanding Energy Gummies

Energy gummies are chewable supplements that are designed to provide a quick source of carbohydrates and electrolytes for runners. They are typically made with high-quality ingredients like glucose and fructose, which provide an immediate source of energy that can help boost your performance during runs. These gummies also contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which help regulate your body’s fluid balance and prevent dehydration.

How to Use Energy Gummies

Energy gummies are easy to use. Simply pop a few gummies into your mouth before your run to get an immediate boost of energy. You can also take them throughout your run to maintain your energy levels. Most energy gummies come in convenient, resealable bags that you can easily carry in your pocket or running belt. Make sure to follow the recommended dosage and consume water with the gummies to help them digest properly.

Benefits of Energy Gummies

Energy gummies offer several benefits over traditional energy drinks or bars. For one, they are easier to digest than most energy products, which means you can consume them before or during your run without feeling heavy or weighed down. Additionally, energy gummies are a more convenient option since you can easily carry them with you on your run without any bulky containers or bottles. Plus, their chewable form makes them a tasty treat that you’ll actually enjoy eating.

Choosing the Right Energy Gummies

When choosing energy gummies, it’s important to look for high-quality products that are made with natural ingredients. Avoid gummies that contain high amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners, as these can cause gastrointestinal distress during your run. Instead, look for gummies that are made with simple ingredients like fruit juice, honey, or agave nectar. You may also want to choose gummies with specific ingredients that will address your running needs, such as caffeine or extra electrolytes.

Energy gummies offer a convenient and tasty way to fuel your runs without all the excess ingredients found in traditional energy products. Whether you’re an experienced runner or just starting to explore the sport, energy gummies can help boost your performance and keep you energized throughout your run.

Energy gummies for athletes serve as the perfect pick-me-up whenever you need that extra boost to smash your previous routines. With their unique and delicious formulation, these tasty treats can also help boost focus and alertness, allowing you to maximize your performance.

Having your go-to energy snack can help with the overall success of your workout routine, not forgetting the satisfaction of a sweet-tasting snack while you’re at work. It’s no surprise energy gummies are slowly taking over the gym kit bags of athletes all over the world. They’re easy to carry, easy to consume and above all else, they’re a sweet solution to your workout blues.

Energy Gummies Explained

Energy gummies were designed for athletes – people whose bodies need high-octane fuel to perform at peak levels. They are packed with nutrients that help revive you when your energy levels dip. Unlike energy drinks that can upset your stomach or leave you with a sour aftertaste, energy gummies are soft and chewable and come in different flavors that make it easier to choose what your taste buds like.

Energy Gummies Explained

Energy gummies are not your regular candy. They are mostly a formulation of caffeine, carbohydrates, and sugar – essential nutrients for keeping up your energy reserves. The combination of these ingredients gives you an almost instantaneous burst of energy, but without the added unwanted side effects. Energy gummies are also small and easy to carry, your perfect companion during training, and on the go.