Located in the Northern Florida Keys at Biscayne Bay, the Biscayne National Park is home vibrate coral reefs, lush mangrove forests, and active marine wildlife. The underwater heritage trail at Biscayne National Park links multiple underwater dive sites that include shipwrecks, making Biscayne a paradise for SCUBA divers. Spanning over 172,000 acres, Biscayne National Park was established in 1980 and hosts over 469,000 visitors each year.

Biscayne National Park Hours

Biscayne National Park is open year-round from 8:30am-5pm, with extended hours in summertime! So no matter when you’re visiting, you can always find a way to explore and appreciate all the park has to offer. 

Things to do at Biscayne National Park

Hiking Trails in Biscayne Florida

Biscayne National Park

Florida is a very flat State and the surrounding area around Biscayne offer easy trails for beginner hikers. While hikes lack vertical gain, they provide amazing views of the wildlife and natural beauty.

Mangrove Trail

The Mangrove trail is a 2-mile round-trip trail that winds through the mangrove forest. This easy path provides plenty of opportunity to spot waterfowl, as well as other wildlife native to the area.

Boca Chita Trail

A 0.7-mile loop trail that offers breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. Overall an easy hike, the Boca Chita trail is suitable for all ages. No dogs are allowed on the trail.

Kayaking in Biscayne National Park

If you want to really get a good look at the mangrove forests and other wildlife then kayaking is the activity for you.

Wildlife Viewing

When you think Biscayne National Park, you immediately think manatees. These marine mammals are locally known as “sea cows”. Their friendly nature and cute faces make them one of the parks most popular attractions. Manatees enjoy having humans around and are known to swim close to snorkelers.

SCUBA Diving Biscayne Bay

The Heritage Trail at Biscayne Bay is a bucket list dive for SCUBA divers around the world. It is like a hiking trail that is underwater. Divers follow the trail between different dive sites, many are home to historic ship wrecks. With crystal clear water that stays warm year-round, the diving at Biscayne is top notch.

Biscayne Hotels

Miami and Key Largo are close by and offer a wide variety of hotel options. When it comes to accommodations within Biscayne National Park, camping is the only option.

Our favorite hotel when visiting Biscayne National park is the Reefhouse Resort & Marina. The hotel is located in Key Largo at 103800 Overseas Highway Mm 103.8, Key Largo, FL 33037. Roughly a 45minute drive to the Park.

Best things to do in Biscayne

  1. Snorkeling: The park is a great spot for snorkeling as it boasts some of the most diverse coral ecosystems in the world. Snorkelers can explore the shallow waters and take in sights such as sea turtles, jellyfish, parrotfish, starfish and stingrays.
  2. Marine Wildlife Watching: Biscayne National Park is also home to a number of marine life. It’s a great place to spot dolphins, nurse sharks and manatees.
  3. Mangrove Forests: There are also several boat tours that take visitors out to explore the mangrove forests, which are home to many species of birds and other wildlife.
  4. Fishing: Visitors can enjoy fishing in the park as well, as longline fishing is allowed. Fishers can also take advantage of the park’s permit-only lobster and stone crabbing opportunities.
  5. Kayaking: For those looking for a more active experience, kayaking is offered through the park’s concessionaires. Kayaking is a great way to see the mangrove forests up close.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Biscayne from Miami?

Biscayne National Park is about 55 minutes from Miami.

How far is Biscayne from Key Largo?

Biscayne National Park is roughly 45 minutes from Key Largo.

What is the closest airport to Biscayne National Park?

Miami International Airport is the closest airport to Biscayne National Park. It is about 50 minutes from the Park.

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