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Are you ready for a break from the soggy streets of Manhattan this winter? The Klubb editorial team has started to explore the best weekend winter getaways from NYC. We are looking for destinations that make for unforgettable moments. These destinations range from cross-country ski destinations accessible by the Metro North, to staying at tiny cabins in the wilderness, to relaxing in Montauk. For those living in the Big Apple, the Getaway House NYC is a perfect way to soak up the great outdoors.

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Editor Notes: Having moved from Aspen, CO to New York City, I was desperate to get outside of the city. When Getaway reached out to me about visiting one of their cabins, I jumped at the opportunity. Having stayed at other tiny cabins before in California (El Capitan Canyon Cabins), I know the overall vibe of tiny cabin vacationing.

While I thought I knew what I was going to get, I was pleasantly surprised on how Getaway House took tiny cabin vacations to the next level. One of the biggest standouts was the thoughtful design of the cabins. The ultra-large window within the tiny cabin was by far my favorite feature.

The best winter getaways from NYC are accessible by train or rental car. The Catskills Mountains are a pleasant two-hour drive from Manhattan through rolling wooded countryside and past a variety of lakes and rivers. Long Island offers a variety of recreational activities in Montauk and Sag Harbor, both accessible via the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).

Forest Bathing & Digital Detox

Our editorial team was invited to the Western Catskills Getaway property. Getaway tiny cabins are designed for digital detox and reconnecting with nature. The cabins do not have wifi or cell service. This is done on purpose so that visitors can reconnect with nature and enjoy the numerous benefits of Forest Bathing.

Getaway properties border national parks and/or are close to outdoor recreation access trails. The tiny cabins have indoor plumbing, full-size showers, skinks, stoves, and the essentials for cooking. Below is a complete list of amenities at the Western Catskills Getaway location.

amenities at the Western Catskills Getaway location
Getaway Tiny Cabin Amenities

Those who still crave modern amenities and the great outdoors, the Getaway cabins offer the perfect combination.

What is Forest Bathing

The definition of forest bathing is to be in nature, unplugged, and bathing in the quiet sounds of the forest. If you are curious to get started, here are a few tips.

Beginner tips for forest bathing:

  • Go with an experienced hiker, friend, or guide
  • Pick an easy walking trail
  • Know before you go (study the flora and fauna in your neck of the woods)
  • Carry plenty of water
  • Wear protective clothing (and trail shoes or hiking boots)
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen 

To learn more about forest bathing, check out this article on Forest Bathing Explained. And remember, the goal is to get away from technology and bathe in the sights and sounds of nature.

Why Digital Detox is the Ultimate Life Hack

Spending time in nature without the distraction of technology or social media will change your life for the better. By unplugging for a day or two, you will be able to focus on yourself and sit with your thoughts. Furthermore, according to the Cleveland Clinic, a digital detox can;

  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Create better social interactions
  • Improve your time management

Getaway Western Catskills

Arriving at Getaway Western Catskills instantly made me feel more relaxed and focused on nature. The drive in from Manhattan takes you through Roscoe, NY – also known as Trout Town USA for the world-class trout fishing. Roscoe is the classic one-horse town with a couple of restaurants, a gas station, and a half-dozen fishing stores.

getting to getaway house east Catskills

The final couple miles into Getaway Western Catskills takes you along the Pepacton Reservoir. Pepacton is surrounded by thick forest and free of any man-made homes or structures. I drove in during the winter and sheets of ice were starting to form on the shallow parts of the lake. Incredibly, every tree was covered in a dusting of snow – adding to the beauty. As I neared the turnoff, I could see a cove where little row boats were turned over for the winter months.

In addition to the beauty of the lake, there were gentle streams around the Getaway Western Catskills cabin campsite. Before leaving, I printed the campsite map as instructed in one of the emails Getaway sent. Using the map, and the road signs within the property, I was able to easily find my cabin.

getaway house tiny cabin

The Tiny Cabin Experience

The weekend we decided to visit turned out to be one of the coldest of the year. Temperatures were in the negative numbers and there were occasional snow flurries. Despite the extreme cold, the cabin was warm and cozy.

Most of the trip was spent inside reading books. The massive window overlooking a flowing stream was mesmerizing. Lounging around the cozy cabin all day, with cell phones turned off, was exactly what I needed. It amazed me just how quickly all the stresses of the big city disappeared while hanging out in the cabin.

fire pit

In the evenings I made a fire to cook dinner and enjoy the calm evening outdoors. Getaway House NYC makes it easy to enjoy every aspect of camping without having to over-pack. There is a large bin outside the cabin that has firewood and fire starter cubes. The fire-starter cube made quick work of getting a fire roaring – something I was especially grateful for in the bitter cold.

Editor Notes:

When planning winter getaways from NYC, it is very important to feel safe. The tiny cabins at Getaway House are very soundproof and made me feel very safe. Having a landline within the cabin was another feature that stood out to me. Part of Getaway’s value proposition was unplugging from your phone. It is one thing to say this and another to put in the features that make it easy to do this. Having a box to put your phone in while having a landline, gave me the confidence to unplug.

Getaway House NYC

Ready to get away for a few days? Getaway House makes it simple with fully stocked tiny cabins that have everything you need. Skip packing tents, stoves, and dozens of other camping essentials by staying at a tiny cabin. Designed for wellness, these cabins are the best winter getaway from New York.

Booking a cabin is simple. Use this link to save 15% off on your reservation. Getaway House NYC email and text communications are excellent, making it simple to navigate to your destination and get checked in. A totally digital system provides you with a code to enter your cabin that is texted to you on the morning of your arrival.