The Most Scenic Trail in Aspen

The Ajax Klubb Loop is a scenic route that’s short enough to suite all types of runners. Beautiful wildflowers and Aspen trees line the single-track trail and there are spectacular views of downtown Aspen mid-route as you traverse Ajax (Aspen Mountain) before descending back into town.

Route Details:

  • Length: 2.5 Mile Loop
  • Meeting Point: Ajax Trailhead (Koch Park)
  • Trail Type: Single track, switchback, rocky, ends on paved route through town
  • Neighborhoods: Aspen
  • Amenities: Dedicated Parking Lot, Picnic Tables, Beach Volleyball Courts


Starting at Koch Park, The Ajax Trailhead is easily accessible from downtown Aspen. This 2.5 mile loop starts with a short ascent through mountain brush and then traverses Aspen mountain (with great views of downtown Aspen) before descending back into the other side of town.

After traversing Ajax mountain, follow the signs to descend into Ajax park on the other side of town and run back through downtown Aspen (Via Ute Avenue to E Durant Avenue) to Koch Park after your descent. You can also do this loop in reverse by starting and ending at Ajax park.

Klubb tip: Koch Park has dedicated parking available and you can also find two hour street parking around the park. Check out our Top 5 Best Trails in Aspen here.