Starting at the Hunter Creek Trailhead off of the Rio Grande Trail (by Clarks Market), this route combines the upper and lower Hunter Creek Trail’s for a scenic run out and back run around ~14 miles. The lower trail follows Hunter Creek Trail through picturesque aspen and conifer forest. The upper trail climbs into high meadows with views of the Elk Mountains and the Sawatch Mountains to the west and east, respectively.

The single-track trails are mostly soft underfoot and take you across bridges, over rivers, and through scenic Aspen backcountry.

hunter creek trail

Editor Notes: This was my go-to trail when I lived in Aspen. The combo of flowing single track along fast flowing streams makes this one of the most magical runs ever. During the fall, bears are active in the area so try to run with a friend. The Klubb mobile app makes it easy to share what time you are running so others can join in.

Hunter Creek Trail Details: 

  • Length: ~14 Miles Out and Back
  • Meeting Point: Hunter Creek Trailhead (off Rio Grande Trail)
  • Trail Type: Single track, steeps, rocky, bridges. 
  • Neighborhoods: Aspen

Because of its close proximity to town, the lower part of this trail is one of the most popular hiking and running trails in Aspen. For this reason, if you want to run unobstructed by day hikers, it’s best to run early in the morning. 

Klubb tip: Wildlife is prevalent on this trail, if you’re running in the early morning or late evening, make sure to stay alert and run with a friend.

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