Klubb Routes that include route running lingo are designed to help you specify what type of run you are doing on the Klubb App. Below, we’ve outlined the running terms we commonly use as identifiers.

Shake Out Runs

A Shake Out Run is a relatively short run performed at an easy pace. Our Shake Out Runs are generally under or around 5k and take you on relatively flat terrain. Shake Out runs are meant to be done as slowly as necessary to feel relatively comfortable and be able to easily carry on a conversation. They are great for recovering after a hard workout or as a pre-race ritual. 

V02 Max Run 

A V02 Max Run is a moderate-length run undertaken at a runner’s natural pace and lasting over 35 minutes. While V02 Max runs are not necessarily meant to be challenging, they are meant to be done frequently, and in the aggregate they stimulate big improvements in aerobic capacity (V02 Max), endurance, and running economy. 

Endurance Run

Generally, an endurance run lasts long enough to leave a runner moderately to severely fatigued. The function of these runs is to increase raw endurance. The distance or duration required to achieve this effect depends on individual fitness levels. As a general rule, your endurance run should be long enough to give you confidence that raw endurance will not limit you from attempting your favored distance in a race or PR. 

Progression Run

A progression run is a run that begins at a runner’s natural pace and ends with a faster segment at anywhere from marathon down to 10K pace. These runs are generally intended to be moderately challenging—harder than base runs but easier than most threshold and interval runs. Because they’re a medium-effort workout, the recovery time is less than more intense sessions.


A fartlek workout is a V02 Max run that mixes in varying intervals of speed and recovery. It’s a good way to begin the process of developing your ideal pace and fatigue resistance for racing or simply to get your legs ready for faster running. We love fartleks as a less-structured alternative to traditional track workouts.

Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are repeated short segments of hard uphill running followed by a recovery jog or walk back down the hill. They are a fun way to break up your runs and serve to increase aerobic power, build resistance to high-intensity fatigue as well as pain tolerance and leg strength. 

Tempo Run

A tempo run is a sustained effort at lactate threshold intensity, which is the fastest pace that can be sustained for one hour in highly fit runners and the fastest pace that can be sustained for 20 minutes in less fit runners. Tempo or threshold runs serve to increase the speed you can sustain for a prolonged period of time and increase the time you can sustain that relatively fast pace. These runs should include warm up mileage, the increased effort in the middle of the run and then cool down miles at the end.  These runs can be as little as 3 miles.


Interval workouts consist of repeated shorter segments of fast running separated by slow jogging or standing recoveries (I.e. 8 x 400m with 30 seconds of rest). This format enables a runner to pack more fast running into a single workout than he or she could with a single prolonged fast effort to exhaustion.