Nothing beats the warm, inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. In fact, some estimate* that around 30% – 40% of the world’s population enjoy coffee every day. This makes coffee one of the most consumed beverages and an important daily ritual shared by many around the world. 

However, most coffee lovers don’t know that their favorite brand most likely contains harmful chemicals, pesticides, molds, and toxins – like mycotoxins. Drinking coffee with mycotoxins has been linked to serious health concerns and, unfortunately, coffee is one of the biggest sources of mycotoxins in our diets. 

This is why I set out to find the perfect cup of clean, healthy coffee. I wanted to zero in on finding a daily brew that not only tastes amazing but is also an organic, low-acid, eco-friendly, and mycotoxin-free coffee.


*Coffee Rank – World Coffee Consumption Statistics

Finding Low Acid Clean Coffee

While carefully testing and comparing several of the best organic coffee brands, I found VitaCup. The Low Acid coffee that VitaCup makes is incredibly smooth In this article, I will discuss the four main reasons why I love VitaCup Low Acid & Organic Coffee.

1. Sustainability 

Organic VitaCup Low-Acid & Organic Coffee is premium-grade coffee responsibly sourced from fair-trade farms in Guatemala. Additionally, all VitaCup’s beans are grown without the use of pesticides, GMOs, or other toxins. 

This not only makes for a cleaner, more ethical cup of coffee, but you can really taste the difference in quality compared to other brands. When I drink VitaCup, I feel like I’m not only getting an incredibly flavorful and pure coffee experience, but I’m also helping support hardworking coffee farmers at the same time. 

Here are a few of VitaCup’s current sustainability practices: 

  • Organic & Fair Trade
  • Single Origin
  • High Altitude: Grown on a high elevation hillside in Guatemala. 
  • Chemical-free coffee
  • Toxin-free coffee
  • Mold-free coffee 
  • BPA Free & Recyclable Pods
  • Cardboard & Packaging is Recyclable
  • Zero-waste manufacturing facilities 

2. Taste 

Low acid coffee offers a cleaner, more pure coffee taste compared to traditional high-acid brews. But what makes a coffee “low-acid” or “clean”? As it turns out, things like soil health, altitude, how the beans are heated during the roasting process, and other factors can impact the acidity level, antioxidant content, and final taste of your coffee. 

When you sip a low-acid cup of coffee, there isn’t that acidic bitterness commonly observed in cheaper coffee — just a pure, smooth, almost sweet, coffee taste. 

VitaCup’s Low-Acid & Organic Coffees offers a rich, clean coffee taste with hints of chocolate, caramel, nuts, and fruit. These flavor notes are usually lost under the bitter and acidic bite of lesser quality coffee. The reduced acidity of this blend allows the true coffee taste to shine through making it one of my new favorite go-to organic clean coffee brands.

3. Health

For some people, traditional acidic coffees can cause heartburn, enamel erosion, and other health problems. So, if you love coffee but avoid drinking it due to gut and oral health concerns, VitaCup low-acid coffee can be a game changer! 

Low-acid coffees from VitaCup are gentle on teeth and sensitive stomachs. After drinking it for the first time, I noticed a difference almost immediately – Not only in taste, but also in how it made my stomach feel. In fact, quite a few VitaCup organic & low-acid coffee reviews have mentioned experiencing a noticeable decrease in heartburn after making the switch to VitaCup coffee.     

Plus, naturally low-acid coffee beans – like those sourced by VitaCup – have a bright and sweet taste while also maintaining the traditional flavors and high-antioxidant content of clean organic coffee

4. Affordable 

When deciding on a low-acid, organic, healthy coffee for your everyday brew, price matters. After testing several brands with different price tags, I believe VitaCup’s Low-Acid & Organic Coffee offers the best quality, taste, and value for the price. You can find VitaCup’s Perfect Low-Acid & Organic Coffee for around $13 for an 11 oz. bag making it one of the more affordable clean coffee options available.       

Why Low Acid Coffee Is So Great

In the world of coffee, the choices we make matter. Choosing organic, mold-free coffee is not only better for your health and the environment, but the taste is better too!

On my journey to find a low-acid, toxin-free, sustainable coffee brand to replace my old brew, I’ve tried many different types of coffee. 

While everyone’s preferences, tastes, and opinions may differ, VitaCup’s Perfect Low-Acid & Organic Coffee has the perfect balance of taste, quality, sustainability, affordability, and health benefits that I look for in organic coffees. 

Whether you’re seeking a more earth-friendly specialty coffee or simply making healthier choices, VitaCup’s Perfect Low-Acid & Organic Coffee is one of the cleanest, most flavorful low-acid organic coffee brands available today.