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With so many types of coffee on the shelves, it can be hard to know what kind is good for your body. Drinking clean organic whole bean coffee is the best way to get your caffeine fix while reaping the benefits of its natural ingredients. It has various health benefits, making you feel good after your daily cup of joe. We have compiled a list of  20 health benefits you can appreciate when drinking organic coffee.

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20 Health Benefits of Organic Coffee

1. Chemical-Free

One of the top health benefits of drinking organic coffee is its chemical-free nature. Farmers use pesticides and chemicals to preserve coffee beans in traditional coffee farming. Chemicals include Herbicides like Glyphosate, which get rid of unwanted weeds. Insecticides used to kill beetles, such as Endosulfan, are also commonly found in traditional coffee beans. Others include Acrylamide and Mycotoxins, and these are just a few. Drinking toxin-free coffee is the best way to avoid chemicals in your coffee.

2. Boosts Liver Health

Did you know that traditional coffee can hurt your liver instead of helping it? Average coffee production can include heavy metals, ochratoxin A, aflatoxin A/B1, and glyphosate. These chemicals are very toxic to your liver and have been linked to liver cancer. Thanks to organic pesticide-free coffee, your liver will not only thank you but also become healthier from organic coffee’s natural vitamins.

3. Knowing It’s Organic Certified

Another health benefit of drinking Organic Coffee is the mental ease of knowing it has passed the test. Coffee companies can only label “Organic” when they have met USDA standards. An organic label means the product contains at least 95% organic ingredients. So you can easily drink a cup knowing it is suitable for your body and not just advertised that it is.

4. Enhances Digestion

Traditional coffee can cause a lot of acid reflux, which is terrible for digestion. This usually comes from the acid in the cup of coffee, but some of these acids are stronger due to the chemicals we discussed. Pesticides are specifically known to upset stomachs because they prevent the gut from doing its standard process. Organic coffee has lower acid due to fewer chemicals, making it easier on your stomach.

5. Improves Your Immune System

Digestive health and a healthy immune system go hand in hand. Your gut and immune system connect, providing good or bad digestive health.  Since chemicals hurt the bacteria in your stomach, it can also hurt your immune system. That means more trouble fighting off sickness and that yearly flu. The best way to avoid that is to buy organic coffee, which improves your immune system thanks to its natural antioxidants.

6. More Nutritious

Organic coffee beans are known to be more nutritious than traditional coffee beans. Organic coffee grows in areas using native plants with nutrient-rich soil. Traditional coffee is grown on farms without trees, meaning birds and insects are less interested in the area. We need insects and animals to provide nutrients to the soil; this helps naturally remove waste.

7. Antioxidants & Vitamins

Since more nutrients will fill the soil, your coffee will be more nutrient-rich. Organically grown coffee contains a higher amount of antioxidants and vitamins. These include potassium,  magnesium, niacin, and B vitamins. Who would have thought that your morning cup of coffee could also provide antioxidants that you might find in your multivitamins?

8. Enhances Mental Alertness

Many people have a cup of coffee before work or a big meeting, mainly because of how alert they feel after drinking one. Since organic coffee is also rich in antioxidants, it helps stimulate your brain even more so than the average cup of coffee. These vitamins can help boost your brain function, too.

9. Preserves the Rainforest

Another benefit is that organic coffee helps save rainforests worldwide. Healthy coffee beans are made in vast plots of land, which means some trees and forests get destroyed in the process. Traditional coffee farmers tend to deforest large areas, hoping to make money quickly. Since soil fertility is essential for organic coffee, it must be grown in a way that avoids the depletion of natural resources. That means no rainforests will be hurt in their production, which is a benefit to everyone’s health in the long run.

10. Prevents Soil Erosion

Now, let’s talk about the soil erosion that is caused by traditional coffee farmers. After the farmers deforest the areas where they plant the coffee, the soil also gets ruined. Since they remove the trees, the soil quality decreases since it can no longer naturally receive it. That is when the chemicals come into play, damaging our bodies and the soil.

11. Saves The Marine Life & Animals.

Now we know that the farmers deforest the farming area and put chemicals into the soil. So what happens when a big rainstorm comes through? The soil will flood and run down any hills or flood-friendly areas. This can damage the nearby waterways, especially rivers, lakes, and oceans. This affects our marine life and animals since they use these chemical waters to drink and live in. Organic coffee has no added chemicals, keeping animals and marine life safe.

12. Enhances Your Memory

You may have heard that coffee can make some people feel alert and even more intelligent in the morning. That is because coffee has components that can enhance your memory. Caffeine naturally stimulates the brain, giving you extra acetylcholine and even serotonin. Choosing high-quality organic coffee beans can help you with this since they’re natural and no chemicals are added.

13. Improves Your Blood Circulation

Did you know that Caffeine can help improve your blood flow? A study even found that one cup of caffeine increases 30% of a person’s blood flow for over an hour. Blood Flow is connected to inflammation, making it a domino effect if one of them is not working correctly. Due to the lack of chemicals and natural caffeine in organic coffee, having a cup of coffee is a gift for those who suffer from poor blood circulation.

14. Encourages Biodiversity

Organic coffee farms encourage the nutrients from insects and animals who live on their coffee farms. This means more biodiversity, which is all living things and their interactions. Instead of killing our species with chemicals, organic coffee farmers promote it and do not disturb their space. Traditional coffee farmers use chemicals that kill insects and animals, disrupting their natural course and making coffee bean production unhealthy.  

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15. Reduces Cancer Cells

Your daily coffee could help lower your cancer risk. Caffeine is said to be beneficial in preventing different types of cancer cells. This includes head and neck, colorectal, breast, and liver cancer. Having a cup of organic coffee could protect your body from cancer cells using its natural caffeine and not using harsh chemicals for production.

16. Supports Weight Loss

We get that dieting can be very hard, but organic coffee can help your weight loss journey. Weight loss experts have said that having a cup of coffee between meals can help you lose weight. Organic coffee helps even further since there are no additives. It increases your metabolism while the nutrients help your hormones stay in line.

17. Reduces Coffee’s Carbon Footprint

We know how soil and animals are affected by the chemicals used in fertilizers and how damaging they can be to our environment. Creating these chemicals takes a lot of energy since they operate large warehouses to create them. Organic farmers use around 45% less energy than traditional farmers, making it even better for our environment, which also helps the world’s long-term health.

18. Supporting Small Businesses

A lot of our body health comes from our mental health, and nothing feels better than supporting small businesses that are passionate about what they do. Organic coffee is produced in smaller areas, thanks to the hard workers who put their hearts and souls into it. It takes a lot of time and costs to produce organic coffee, and supporting those making it is essential. It may be a few more dollars to purchase a bag of organic whole-bean coffee over traditional, but it is so worth it.

19. Stimulates Your Tastebuds:

Tasty Drinks and delicious food can stimulate your taste buds, making you happy! Nothing is worse than a bad cup of coffee, which is just another reason to go organic. Since organic coffee does not have the pesky chemicals and pesticides we talked about, it will taste even better. Organic coffee can even taste bolder, thanks to its natural flavors and bean production from farmers who are passionate.

20. Makes Your Body Feel Good

For all the above reasons, organic coffee can make you feel better overall! Some other benefits we haven’t discussed are boosted energy levels, less depression and anxiety, and a healthy heart. A morning cup of coffee is the best way to start your day, and it can be even better after brewing up clean organic coffee. Next time you purchase a bag of whole-bean coffee, consider organic. Clean organic whole bean coffee will benefit your body, mind, and taste buds!