Despite its concrete jungle reputation, New York City has some of the best running paths. I have run in over 30 states and hundreds of cities and New York is by far one of my favorite places… second to Aspen. I’ve put together a list of the best Running Routes in New York City. Curate your vacation or daily routine based on these iconic runs. Sign up for The Klubb App to see additional info on each route and connect with friends to run with.

Top 10 Running Routes in NYC

Over the last two years, I’ve run as much of Manhattan as I possibly could. Through running all of these trails myself, and speaking with other runners, I’ve created a short list of top 10 best running routes in New York City.

#1 Central Park Bridal Path 5k

Looking for a soft trail that’s just long enough to get you out the door? This Bridle Path 5k Route takes you from the Jackie O. Reservoir down to the Pinebank Arch (beginning of the Bridle Path) and back, all on a soft dirt trail. It’s the perfect route for an easy after-work jog or a refreshing way to end your day.

running the bridal path in central park

Directions: Starting near the pull-up bars at the Pinetum Playground, walk up to the southwest ‘corner’ of the Jackie O. Reservoir.

Start run: Once at the reservoir, head south on the Bridle Path for approximately 1.6 miles. When you reach the Pinebank Arch (the beginning of the Bridle Path), turn around. Head north back up to the southwest ‘corner’ of the Jackie Onassis Kennedy Reservoir (around 1.6 miles). End Run.

#2 Battery Park 5k

This park-to-park 5k route offers views of the Statute of Liberty and views of the New Jersey Skyline across the river. The Battery Park Esplanade is a pedestrian promenade. It is bordered by the Hudson River on one side and Battery Park/The Financial District on the other side.

battery park running routes

Directions: Starting at the lower end of Battery Park (near the Statute of Liberty Viewpoint), head north for 1.6 miles towards Tribeca. Once you reach the north end of Rockefeller Park, (Stuyvesant High School), turn around and head back to the starting point.  

#3 Little Island 10k

This run starts at Little Island in Chelsea. Run up the Hudson River Greenway for ~3.1 miles before returning back to Little Island. The turnaround point is Pier i Cafe.

running little island in nyc

Directions: Starting at the entrance to Little Island on the Hudson River Greenway, run north towards Hells Kitchen until you get to Pier i cafe (~3.1 miles). Turn around and head back towards Little Island. End run at entrance to Little Island.

#4 Cental Park Resevoir Loop (1.6miles)

An iconic run around the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. This 1.58-mile loop around the Stephanie and Fred Shuman Reservoir Running Track offers runners a soft surface made of crushed gravel. Soak up some of Central Park’s best views of the Midtown skyline.

central park resevoir loop running path

Klubb Tip: Run in a counterclockwise direction around the track. Dogs, strollers, and bikes are not allowed on the track at any time.

#5 Brooklyn Bridge Park 5k

Spanning over 1.3 miles of Brooklyn’s waterfront, this gem of a park offers amazing views of downtown Manhattan’s panoramic skyline and the New York Harbor. This 5k loop takes you along the waterfront from Pier 6 to Pier 1 and back.

booklyn bridge park running trail

Directions: Starting at Pier 6, run around the promenades of Pier 5, Pier 3, and Pier 2, continue to the entrance to Pier 1, then run the same route back. You can use the ferry stops at the start and midway points.

#6 East River Track

east river running track

This [rubberized] public track is a great place for all types of track workouts. It offers scenic views of the East River.

#7 Tribeca 13k

This 13k run takes you along the west side of Manhattan, passing by the West Village, Chelsea, and Hells Kitchen on the Hudson River Greenway. The turnaround point is Pier i Cafe, a casual cafe with waterfront seating.

running routes in tribeca

Directions: Start at Pier 34 near the Canal Street Crossing at Hudson River Greenway. Head north towards the Upper West Side for 4.1 miles until you reach Pier i Cafe. Turn around and head back downtown towards Tribeca.

#8 Brooklyn Bridge Out-and-Back

This iconic run starts at the Lower tip of Manhattan and takes you across the Brooklyn Bridge and back for an inspiring 3-mile run. Go at sunrise to avoid crowds and get an epic view of the NYC skyline.

brooklyn bridge run

Directions: After meeting other runners at the Jacob Wrey Mould Fountain, cross Centre Street to get to the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade.

Start running once you’re on the promenade and make your way across the bridge towards Brooklyn. Run to the end of the promenade (1.5 miles) until you reach the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway Starting Point in Brooklyn. Turn around and run back across the bridge for a total run of 3 miles.

#9 Central Park Outer Loop

An iconic 6.02-mile loop around Central Park, the Central Park Outer Loop takes you counter-clockwise around the outer edge of the park via Park Drive. This is a paved route that is heavily trafficked by runners and cyclists during most times of the day.

central park outer loop running path

Directions: Starting at the Greyshot Arch head south (running counterclockwise) on West Park Drive. Continue onto Central Park Drive and East Park Drive. until you make your way back to West Park Drive and back to the Greyshot Arch.

#10 Rockefeller Park 5k

Starting on the path in front of the Rockefeller Park Basketball Court, head north on the Hudson River Greenway/ North Esplanade until you get to Pier 51 (1.6 miles). Turn around and head back on the Hudson River Greenway until you reach Rockefeller Park. Also known as the Battery Park 5k.

rockefeller park running routes

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