Getting out the door is the hardest part of running. Challenges range from lack of running buddies to lack of knowledge on running routes. If you are wondering, “how do I find running trails near me”, then you have come to the right place. Not only will you find the best running trails nearby, there is now an app that makes it easy to connect with runners of the same ability level.

Running Trails Near Me

Most runners know that the best way to explore a new city is by running it. The trial and error process of zig-zagging through city streets eventually led to a mental birds eye view of the city.

Sometimes it is nice to have a planned route, especially when traveling, that you can get your miles in on. The Klubb features running trails from the top vacation destinations like Waikiki, HI and San Fransisco, CA. Local experts reveal their favorite running routes, along with detailed maps and recommended workouts.

The Klubb: Sample Running Routes

There are also apps like Map My Fitness which allows users to create their own routes and share publicly. Many of the running routes on this app are the well known local routes and teeming with runners.

Preparing to Run a New Trail

Knowing before you go is important when exploring a new running route. This is especially important if you are trail running. Having a solid understanding of elevation, potential hazards, and trail conditions are just a few necessary information you need prior to your run or hike.

Being prepared for a new trail requires some pre-planning. Some of the main considereations when exploring a new route are:

  • Having the proper amount of liquids based on the distance and conditions.
  • Layering for potential weather changes.
  • Wearing the correct shoes for the trail or path.
  • Having a running buddy is always a good idea.
  • How comfortable are you with the distance? Whats your way out if needed.

Connecting with other Runners

Nothing beats local knowledge. Inspired by connections made through sport, The Klubb App makes it easy to connect with other runners in any city.

the klubb app features

In spite of the many forums online today, it is incredibly difficult to connect with other runners and actually meet up. Using The Klubb app, you let others know when and where you are running, giving them the opportunity to “Join In”.

Join a Running Challenge

Finding running trails near by can be accomplished by joining a running challenge. Often times people will post routes that align with the challenge goals. For example, The Klubb is hosting a Run 2023 km in 2023 challenge through Strava.

Participants for this challenge are from all over the country. Their running routes show up in the feed so you can replicate the path. When doing a distance challenge, it is great to have a few running routes that you know the distance of. This way you can get your needed miles in on a trial without worrying about the route.

Create your own running trail

Finding a previously tracked running trail might take extra work if you live in rural area. Rural living does come with the benefit of open space however. Look on Google Earth or your local Parks & Recreation websites to find running and hiking trials near you.

Once you have found some promising trails, use GPS enabled apps like Strava or Map My Fitness to track your activity. You will then have a clearly mapped route with milage and elevation gain.

Running a New Trail

running trails near me

If you are new to a city or running route, it is best to find someone to run with you. Joining a running club or running challenge is a great way get involved in a new city and find new running trails.

On a new trail for the first time, it is best to leave the headphones at home. Having access to all your senses is helpful especially when in an unfamiliar area. Plan the distance/route you want to run and stick to the plan.