Running 2023 km in 2023

The Klubb is organizing a 2023 Km running challenge for the year 2023. Wondering how many miles 2023 km is? The answer is 1,257 miles. This breaks down to around 39 km (or 24 miles) a week. So, for example, you will need to run one 6-mile day, two 5-mile days, and two 4-mile days.

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Training Schedule

Sample training schedule to reach 24 miles (39 km) a week.

  • Monday: 4-mile slow jog
  • Tuesday: Recovery
  • Wednesday: 6-miles medium
  • Thursday: 5-mile medium jog
  • Friday: 4-mile slow jog
  • Saturday: Recovery
  • Sunday: 5-mile medium jog
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If you are deciding on a New Year Resolution, join in on the Run 2023 km in 2023 and discover the variety of benefits that come from running.

Editor Notes: I’ve included my progress at the bottom of this post as extra motivation! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you just need some inspiration to start. Partnerships [at] gmail.

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FAQ Run Challenges

What to do when you miss a day?

Life happens and days will be missed. When you are feeling good, up your distance by an extra miles each day. Don’t overdue it in the first month. You will feel great right away but try to stick to modest distances to start.

Going into February, if you have been running 24 miles (39 km) a week consistently, try to up your distances. Sample weekly training schedule below that will get you 30 miles and some buffer:

  • Monday: 5-mile slow jog
  • Tuesday: Recovery
  • Wednesday: 8-miles medium
  • Thursday: 5-mile medium jog
  • Friday: 4-mile slow jog
  • Saturday: Recovery
  • Sunday: 8-mile medium jog

In order to run 2023 km in 2023 it is important to get some milage rather than none. This means going for even a one or two mile jog is better than pushing it off till the next day.

If you miss a day of regular scheduled training, replace one of your recovery days with that workout. Your missed day will then count as your recovery day.

How to find a Running Buddy to Run 2023 km in 2023?

Getting out the door to run is tough enough when it is freezing cold outside or you’re exhausted from work. Having a running buddy is a great way to lift spirits, stay on track, and a some other positive (and surprising) benefits.

Coming Spring 2023, The Klubb mobile app lets you easily connect with friends and schedule runs. Modeled after a private sports club, The Klubb App is used by athletes of all ability levels to post pre-status workouts for others to “join in”.

After meeting someone new on your journey to running 2023 km in 2023, add them to The Klubb app to easily “Join In” on each others future runs. Designed for introverts, the app takes the pressure out of texting. Too many times have the strobing three dots lead to nothing. Using The Klubb App, your post lets others know what you are doing, where, and at what time. Ball is in their court to join or not.

How to balance Social life with Running Life?

Who said these had to be two different things? Running hungover is brutal so try and make your social activity into a running date. Here are 30 other things to do instead of drinking that will help you be in top shape for running.

Doing Bikram Hot Yoga is a great evening activity to do on your rest day. An hour and a half of sweating followed by a healthy dinner is the perfect social activity.

Don’t forget to hydrate a ton before and after hot yoga. Dehydration will make running as miserable as running hungover. The only electrolyte at The Klubb HQ is Ultima. The Raspberry flavor is always gone first.

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Does a Treadmill count towards the 2023 km?

Of course! Goal is to commit to something and do it. Ideally you are outside, meeting new people, and exploring new trials. However, weather and work schedules don’t always allow for that. You can add your mileage in manually after your treadmill run to keep on track for the goal of running 2023 kilometers in 2023.

treadmills for running 2023 km in 2023

While treadmill running is usually our last resort, slipping on icy roads isn’t much fun so we understand the necessity. The Peloton Tread is one of the most state of the art treadmills and is loaded with workouts.

What GPS Tracking is Recommended?

We are hosting the Run 2023 km in 2023 challenge though Strava. First step is to join The Klubb Group and then register for the Challenge. Once registered for the Challenge, you will want to use Strava each time you run in order to track your mileage.

the klubb app banner

As mentioned above, keep track of treadmill miles by entering them manually on the app.

For GPS watches, The Klubb team is currently wearing the Garmin fēnix 6 multisport watches. Available in varying bezel sizes and colors, the watch doubles as a stand-in for your smartphone while you’re out running.

Garmin fēnix 6 Pro

Some top features of the Garmin fēnix 6 are:

  • Garmin Pay – Contactless Payment
  • Music Apps – Store up to 2,000 songs and Listen through BLUETOOTH
  • Smart Notifications – Receive Text Messages
  • Safety – Send location to emergency contacts if you feel unsafe
  • HRV – Heart Rate Variability provides insights on how you are sleeping
  • Connect IQ – Pair with apps like Strava to track miles.

Getting Prepared to run 2023 kilometers in 2023

You should be running consistently starting December 1st, 2022 in order to have a base built in prior to the January 1st official start date. Plan to put in 8 to 10 miles a week during December in order to build your base.

Figure out what times work best for you and start to budget out your running schedule. Running at a 10-minute-mile pace, you can check off six miles in exactly one hour. Test out running in the morning and running in the evening to see which works best for you.

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