We love this out and back run because it starts and ends at one of the most beautiful (and quiet) parks in the Roaring Fork Valley: Henry Stein Park.

Henry Stein Park is a small grassy park surrounded by trees and bordering the Roaring Fork River. It has a dedicated parking lot making it easy to access. You can also run there on the Marolt Trail via Cemetery Lane. Its secluded location, tucked next to Slaughterhouse bridge, makes it a great place for a snack by the river or a quick stretch after your run.

Route Details:

  • Length: 4.8 miles total (2.4 miles each way)
  • Meeting Point: Stein Park (McLain Flats Road)
  • Trail Type: Soft Running Path or Bike Path (Rio Grande Trail) 
  • Neighborhoods: Cemetery Lane, Aspen
  • Amenities: Parking Lot


  • Starting at Henry Stein Park, head Southeast towards downtown Aspen on the Rio Grande Trail.
  • Continue for 2.4 miles until you reach Herron Park and the Rio Grande Trailhead.
  • Head back towards Henry Stein Park.
  • End run at Henry Stein Park