Ventura County is one of Southern California’s hidden gems, a coastal city just 60 miles east of Los Angeles. Its ocean-side location is perfect for water activities ranging from surfing and windsurfing to kayaking to standup paddle boarding. This coastal city has plenty to offer, but it’s the variety of paddle board experiences that attract both locals and tourists. In this guide, you will discover the best places to standup paddle boarding in Ventura. SUPing in Ventura is a great activity to do with friends.

Top SUP Spots in Ventura

Ventura Harbor

Ventura Harbor is the most beginner-friendly destination for paddle boarding in Ventura. This beautiful location is protected by a jetty, making the water calm and easy to explore by SUP. The harbor is less crowded on weekdays, but weekends attract plenty of SUP enthusiasts. You can rent paddleboards from the harbor’s convenient rental service, which offers various beginner classes and guided tours. This harbor offers excellent seafood restaurants, so once you’ve finished your paddleboarding, explore the culinary culture of Ventura.

Channel Island National Park

Channel Island National Park is not only perfect for hiking, wildlife viewing, and scuba diving; here, you can also try paddleboarding. The closest island to Ventura is Santa Cruz Island, and paddleboarding there is a truly incredible experience. You will be paddle boarding through thousands of Kelp beds and having a great opportunity to see large mammals, such as whales and dolphins in close proximity to you.

Ventura Pier

sup surfing in ventura

Ventura Pier is a great place for paddleboarding. Its prime location offers magnificent views of the ocean. Beginners should approach the shore close to the Pier, while experienced paddle boarders can make it out further, where the waves break. Rent a paddle board from the nearby rental service, and try paddle boarding before sunset to view the sky turning into a palette of colors.

Lake Casitas

The Lake Casitas Recreation Area offers fantastic opportunities for all types of water activities, and paddleboarding is definitely one of them. Lake Casitas’ calm water is perfect for beginners to have a comfortable start. The rental service is pretty pricy, but with the price, you will get the latest equipment, including life vests and paddles.

Rincon Beach

With a stunning backdrop of mountains, a clean beach, and reasonably good waves for surfing and paddleboarding, Rincon Beach is by far one of the best places to experience paddleboarding. It’s best to come here in the early morning to avoid crowds and experience the water when it’s the calmest.

Final Thoughts

Ventura is more than a beach city, and SUP is an activity that will offer a unique and unforgettable experience to the visitors of the town. There are plenty of paddle boarding opportunities with various levels of difficulty and unique features such as sandy beaches or kelp forests.

When planning your paddle boarding trip to Ventura, it’s always good to check the weather conditions and ask local rental services about various tours or classes you can attend. Ventura has so much to offer, and SUP is just one of them. You should try one of the newest trends in outdoor activities and explore these beautiful locations in the Pacific Ocean.