The recorded history of Taos dates back to 1540 when Francisco Vasquez de Coronado arrived in the Taos Valley for the first time. Prior to his arrival, the Tiwa Indians had already been inhabiting the area for centuries ( The amazing pueblo structures of Taos Pueblo have withstood the test of time and are still standing today. Taos offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and rich Native American history. We breakdown the best:

  • Running trials in Taos
  • River sports activities in Taos
  • Mountain biking in Taos
  • Places to stay in Taos
  • Healthy Restaurants in Taso
what to do in taos new mexico

Where to Run in Taos New Mexico

The Rio Grande Gorge trails that start at the Gorge Bridge are some of the best running trails in Taos. Flat dirt single-track trails that offer inspiring views of the epic Gorge keep you on your toes while running. Having seemingly endless terrain, the trails around the Rio Grande Gorge are the perfect training ground.

Running path along the Rio Grande Gorge
Running path along the Rio Grande Gorge

While running, keep your eyes out for big horn sheep, deer, and snakes on the trail. Because of a large number of snakes and the remoteness of the trails, we recommend running with a friend. Aside from the safety aspect, there are a lot of other great reasons to have a running buddy.

Mountain Biking in Taos

While the lift-accessible mountain bike trails at the Taos Ski Valley are only 45 minutes away, there are still great MTB trails closer to downtown Taos. Our favorite is the Devisadero Loop Trail 108.

“Devisadero means a “lookout” point or place.  The peak had once been used by the Taos Pueblo Indians to stand guard against the Apaches who would come down Taos Canyon to raid the pueblo.”

US Forest Service

This 5.1-mile loop is a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding so be careful of traffic up and down. For the best MTB ride get there early to tackle the 1,300′ elevation climb and enjoy an empty (or less crowded) trail going down. If you are wondering what to do in Taos New Mexico, start here, and you will be stoked.

SUP the Rio Grande River

Located just a half-hour south of Taos, the New Mexico River Adventures company offers epic half-day standup paddle tours down the Rio Grande River. The guided tour includes all of the equipment you need including a top-of-the-line inflatable SUP board.

rio grande river SUP

If you are looking for the perfect SUP-centered athletic vacation, check out the 3-day trip down the Rio Chama. This 31-mile journey includes delicious meals prepared by the guides, forested campsites, and all the gear you need.

Where to eat in Taos

When it comes to dinner in Taos, the best spot in town is Medly. Locate about ten minutes from downtown, this is the go-to spot after an epic day of outdoor activities. Fuel up with Southwest-inspired dishes that exceed expectations every time.

For a quick lunch, stop by The Burger Stand and try their Green Chile Cheeseburger that is loaded with fire-roasted local hatch chilies, pepper jack cheese, tomato, onion, and local greens.

Where to stay in Taos

While on an athletic vacation, the recovery and amenities of your hotel can make or break the trip. After a full day of mountain biking, having an epic Spa and Indoor Pool are just a few of our must-haves. The El Monte Sagrado checks all the boxes when it comes to luxury. Offering Yoga, Spa services, an indoor pool, a fitness center, and well-appointed rooms, this hotel is the best option for accommodations in Taos.