Initially developed in the mid-1960s, Sea Ranch is well known for its architecturally significant homes that seem to blend into nature. Taking an ecological approach toward planning, some of the homes embrace nature so much that you can hardly notice them from the landscape.

homes in sea ranch
Photo provided by TSR Archives, taken by Obie Bowman 1985. (

The free-flowing landscape makes for fantastic trail running and mountain biking. Most notably is the 3-mile Bluff Top Trail that starts at Walk-On Beach and follows the coastline to Gualala Point Regional Park.

Running Trails in Sea Ranch

Walk-On Beach to Gualala Point Regional Park (~3 miles)

Along this ocean-front trail, many side trails make it easy to add mileage or use for turn-around points. Gualala Point is the perfect place to have a post-run sandwich while watching waves crash around Gualala Point Island. The trail itself is used often and has a mostly flat running surface. There are ticks in the area, so stay on the trail.

running trails in sea ranch
Play Park to Shell Beach (~3.3 miles)

The Play Park to Shell Beach run takes you by some of the most beautiful homes in the area and ends near Sea Ranch Chapel (below), an iconic landmark of the community.

sea ranch chapel
Sea Ranch Chapel

Where to Eat

It is best to get groceries before arriving at Sea Ranch to enjoy the solitary experience that makes the private community unique. That said, there are some great spots to enjoy food & drink close by. The standout of these is The Sea Ranch Lodge which offers locally sourced ingredients in an updated lodge setting that has panoramic ocean views. Eating at the Lodge is like going to a friend’s house for dinner.