When you are training daily your muscles can build up excessive lactic acid. Without proper stretching and massage, this buildup will greatly reduce athletic performance. Using percussive massage, the Theragun Elite powers through even the most tense muscle stiffness. In this Theragun Elite Review, we breakdown the details of this revolutionary recovery product.

First Impression using Theragun Elite

Using a percussive massage device for the first time is an experience in itself. Prior to reviewing the Theragun Elite, the team had not used this kind of recovery product before. Relying mostly on foam rollers and hand rollers, the thought of spending ten times what a foam roller costs on a recovery product seemed like a stretch (no pun intended).

I decided to try Theragun for the first time after a 4.8 mile run on the Stein Park Loop in Aspen, CO. The intensity of Therabody’s patented percussive massage piston was amazing. Spending about a minute on each leg, the lactic acid seemed to flush out afterwards. Starting with the Dampener attachment, the blunt continuous pulse was surprisingly pleasant the longer the massage went.

Theragun Elite Design

theragun review
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The Theragun Elite is a revolutionary muscle massager designed to provide highly effective relief for a range of muscle pain and tension. It is ideal for those with active lifestyles or who are looking to enhance their athletic performance. The device features a unique design that uses three adjustable speeds, two interchangeable heads, and an ergonomic handle with a grip cover, making it easy to use.

The Theragun Elite offers an impressive range of massage techniques, including percussive therapy, deep tissue massage, and friction massage. The Elite’s powerful motor produces a maximum intensity of up to 40 pounds per square inch (psi). This provides a fast physical therapy for muscle soreness and stiffness. With the included attachments, users can target hard-to-reach areas with ease. Additionally, the device is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows users to customize their massage speeds and patterns via the Theragun App.

The Elite has several advantages over traditional massagers. It helps promote healthy blood circulation while decreasing lactic acid buildup in muscles following intense exercise or physical activity. This helps reduce soreness while improving flexibility and range of motion in joints and muscles. In addition to its therapeutic benefits, the device can be used before workouts to help warm up the muscles or after workouts as part of regular recovery sessions.

Overall, the Theragun Elite is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an effective way to manage muscle pain and tension without resorting. Its advanced design provides an unmatched range of massage techniques that provide deep penetration into tight and hard-to-reach areas. This promotes healthy blood circulation throughout your body.

The ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to hold during long sessions. This product stands out as one of the top therapeutic massagers on the market today!