In 2009 I moved to Hawaii with the dream of opening an entire store of flip flops. Within six months I had opened my first store on the world famous Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, HI. During my seven years owning/operating the store, I sold over 2,500 pairs of flip flops every month and was one of the largest retailers of OluKai products. This OluKai Ohana Review article is based on 7 years of wearing, selling, and learning about OluKai’s #1 Best Selling Flip Flop, the Ohana.

I also created a post on the 7 Best Flip Flops for Men that goes into more detail on OluKai’s and six other brands. If you can not tell yet, I am a bit obsessed with flip flops.

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OluKai flip flop construction

The footbed on the Olukai Ohana flip flops are inspired by footsteps through wet sand. This innovative design features a heel cup, arch support, and molded three-layer construction. By having multiple layers, OluKai flip flops provide superior durability to their dual layer counterparts.

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Olukai flip flops are some of the most comfortable, stylish and versatile footwear available. They feature a unique design that is both eye-catching and functional. The brand utilizes high-quality materials to craft every pair, ensuring maximum durability.

Their signature design is anatomically contoured footbeds with arch support, helping to provide comfort and prevent fatigue over long periods of wear. Their outsoles are constructed using durable rubber or non-marking gum rubber, providing traction on wet or dry surfaces alike.

With a wide range of colors, styles and designs, Olukai flip flops are perfect for any occasion. You can wear the Ohana flip flops from casual beach days to more formal events like weddings and parties. Thanks to their comfortable fit and stylish look, Olukai flip flops make an excellent choice for anyone looking for dependable yet fashionable footwear.

Editor Notes: In writing this OluKai Ohana Review, I used first hand conversations I have had with OluKai representatives over the seven years I sold OluKai products. I started my retail stores around the same time OluKai started their brand. Being one of the first retailers in Hawaii to carry OluKai, I have seem them grow and lived through the good and bad times.

What we love about the OluKai Ohana

OluKai changed the flip flop market when they launched with a $75 pair of flip flops. Launching a premium footwear product was a gamble that paid off. Today, OluKai flip flops are one the most popular brands on the market.

What I love the most about OluKai flip flops is the shape of the footbed. Inspired by a footprint in wet sand, the orthodically shaped footbed aligns perfectly with the shape of my foot. After a long run in Waikiki, I put on a pair of Ohana’s and head to the beach. The arch support combined with excellent waterproofing and slip resistance makes them a great all around flip flop.

I’ve Sold over 20,000+ Pairs of OluKai Ohana flip flops

I have sold ten’s of thousands of pairs of OluKai Ohana flip flops. Through this, I’ve been able to talk to thousands of people about the features and benefits of the brand. Over the years of speaking with so many people, I’ve heard thousands of first hand reviews.

Many people would return to my store with smiles after purchasing OluKai Ohana flip flops. They would tell me how the arch support in the flip flop made their vacation much more enjoyable. To see first hand how a brand promotes happiness, I can’t help but share great things about OluKai.

History of OluKai

Olukai was founded by a Hawaiian native who wanted to create shoes that captured the essence of Hawaii and its culture. Inspired by the Hawaiian word for ‘comfort,’ OluKai’s mission is to create durable, comfortable shoes that reflect the beauty and spirit of the islands.

Founded with the goal of providing high quality footwear that can withstand the waterman’s lifestyle, OluKai has pushed the boundaries in flip flops for over ten years. Using Hawaiian inspired design principals and brand guidelines, their products represent the style and ruggedness which is Hawaii.

In an effort to support the Islands, OluKai sponsors the Hawaiian Lifeguards. A portion of the purchase from every ‘Awiki flip flop goes to supporting the Ama OluKai Foundation. The Ama OluKai Foundation participates in local giveback and community building projects in Hawaii.