Hurtigruten cruises are widely regarded as the best way to experience Norway’s stunning coastline and iconic sights. But why is Hurtigruten so highly recommended among travelers? In this article, we have asked past guests to contributed and share their Hurtigruten Cruises Reviews. You will discover why Hurtigruten is the top choice for a cruise in Norway.

What Makes Hurtigruten Cruises Unique?

I like to start with the basics. First, you need understand what makes Hurtigruten stand out from other cruise lines. Hurtigruten is not just a regular luxury cruise. The company has been operating since 1893 and is the only choice for a Norway adventure cruise.

This unique adventure cruises component makes Hurtigruten cruises a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Unlike other cruise lines, Hurtigruten offers a deeper connection to the Norwegian way of life. Passengers have the opportunity to interact with locals, learn about their culture and traditions.

Another factor that sets Hurtigruten apart is its commitment to sustainability. The company has been a pioneer in sustainable travel, implementing eco-friendly practices and initiatives long before it became a trend in the tourism industry. Hurtigruten’s ships are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to reduce emissions.The company also actively supports local communities by sourcing ingredients for meals from local suppliers.

Hurtigruten has the best destination ports in Norway

But beyond these unique aspects, Hurtigruten also stands out for its incredible itineraries. The company offers a wide range of cruises, from short trips lasting a few days to longer voyages that cover the entire Norwegian coastline and even beyond to other destinations such as Antarctica and Greenland. Each voyage is carefully planned to provide the best possible experience for passengers. This includes stops at charming ports, breathtaking fjords, and even the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Cruise ships uniquely designed for Norweigan waters

And while onboard, passengers can expect a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Hurtigruten’s ships are smaller in size compared to other cruise lines, allowing for a more personal and authentic experience. The cabins are cozy yet modern, with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. The food on board is also exceptional, featuring a blend of traditional Norwegian cuisine and international dishes made with fresh, local ingredients.

What Past Hurtigruten Guests Have to Say

hurtigruten review
Image from Winonna R.
Harstad to Svolær Review by Winonna R.

Eager to begin our adventure toward Vesterålen, my family and I waited in the terminal that foggy June morning. Surrounded by tourists wearing wet-proof weather gear, we looked out at the pier hoping the sky would clear so we could see the northern horizon. Just after 8:00 AM we boarded the cruise boat, passports in hand, and presented a custom Hurtigruten ID card. Exploring the ship’s many rooms, we scoped out a perfect place to sit and enjoy our 10-hour journey.

Comfortably sitting in a banquette, gazing out of the misty windows, we set sail and onto a slow cruise adventure. Even if we were on the oldest ship that sails the Norwegian Coast, Hurtigruten is one of the nicer vessels I’ve been on. Renovated with nice seating and clean facilities I knew I’d easily manage the day. The top floor had a large panoramic window, where I stood to sink in the view.

Arriving at Trollfjord, we stood there speechless, taking in the scenery. Shortly after, cameras were capturing selfies with the vast mountainous landscape. We were lucky to see eagles swooping in, as some folk went to spot more for their excursion into the fjord. It was a sight to appreciate, as the only way to see this beautiful fjord was by ship.

Finally arriving at our final destination, Svolær, another adventure began. Lofoten was breathtaking; a genuine Norwegian coastal community with the pungent smell of drying cod on wooden structures called “hjelle”. Like many tourists, our energy was high from Trollfjord, and we are still grateful to have traveled with Hurtigruten. It was the perfect trip, seeing parts of Norway you couldn’t discover by car. Satisfied with the day’s events, we said goodbye to Hurtigruten, eagerly heading into the town, and immersing ourselves in Norwegian culture.

Winonna R.