Adventure cruises offer guests unique experiences at destination ports. Also known as Expedition cruises, this type of cruise is best for people who love getting close to the action. 

Norway Landscape

The best adventure cruise in Norway is Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten has been the leader in expedition and adventure cruises for over 100 years.

Types of Cruises

Some of the most popular cruises are:

  • Luxury Cruises
  • Singles Cruises
  • Adventure/Expedition Cruises
  • Budget Cruises
  • Family Cruises
  • Budget Cruises
  • Mega Cruses (5,000+ Passenger) 

Within each segment the experiences are dramatically different. As some of the names suggest – like singles cruises or budget cruises – the theme is obvious. Other cruises – like luxury cruises and adventure cruises – the lines are a bit more blurred. The overlap between these two categories (Luxury and Adventure) can be very similar. 

In this article, we focus on adventure cruises that get the guests close to the action and have a sophisticated, luxury experience on board.  Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten provides luxury experiences onboard and adventure/expedition at ports of destination. 

To better understand what to expect on an adventure cruise, you need to know that not all cruises are the same. 

What to expect on an adventure cruise

Adventure cruises focus on the destination first. Hurtigruten provides luxury accommodations during travel between ports and provides guests with ample time on shore at key destinations. The goal of adventure cruises is to provide the vehicle to get you to the best attractions along a travel route. In general, expect most of the travel to be done overnight. This schedule allows for the most time during the day for guests to explore a new destination each day.

As I mentioned before, there are many types of cruises. Choosing an adventure cruise puts you in the company of other like minded travelers. Having a community of people who love expedition and adventures is one of the best parts of choosing a Hurtigruten Cruise in Norway. 

Arriving at port opens up a world of new opportunities. I wrote about things to do in Bergen, including taking a cold plunge in the icy waters. In another article, I shared a few hikes in Kristiansand near the port.

Travel Blog Reviews of Norwegian Cruises

Below are a few of the top videos about adventure cruises in Norway.

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Booking a Cruise in Norway

A few of the most popular adventure cruise trips in Norway are: