Having lived in the Waikiki for close to a decade, I’ve tried just about every supposed ‘best breakfast spot‘. However, most of the restaurants featured on travel guides are over priced and under deliver. If you are looking for hidden breakfast spots in Waikiki and want to eat like a local, this guide is for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best breakfast spots in Waikiki for your dining pleasure. Plus, I share the best place for breakfast sandwiches in Waikiki.

Breakfast spots that are walking distance from Waikiki

All three of these restaurants are located on Monserrat Ave. From the Duke Statue in Waikiki to where these breakfast spots are is almost exactly one mile. Work up an appetite and enjoy the sounds of the zoo as you walk from Waikiki.

Waikiki to bogarts cafe

DaCove Health Bar

The best option for healthy food in Waikiki, Health Bar offers smoothies, bowls, hot breakfast, and juice. In the evenings, DaCove is a popular hangout for the sober curious crowds of Oahu. The restaurant serves ‘Awa, a traditional Hawaiian drink known for its calming and relaxing effects, and features live local bands.

Bogarts Cafe

Home to the best breakfast sandwich in Waikiki, Bogarts is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Waikiki. On very active days I would get a breakfast sandwich from Bogarts and walk next door to DaCove and order a smoothie. If you are looking to fuel up with a balanced breakfast, this is my top recommendation.

Note: Bogarts is cash only.

Diamond Head Grill

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Diamond Head Grill is the place to go for fast and delicious plates. Inside the market are a variety of pastries, grab-and-go items, and snacks. This is really a one-stop-shop for hearty food any time of the day.

Breakfast places in Kaimuki

best breakfast outside of Waikiki

Kaimuki is a 5-10minute drive from Waikiki. Take Kapahulu towards the mountains and then turn right on Waialea Dr after you go under the H-1 freeway overpass. Once on Waialea Dr you will start to see local stores and restaurants. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, do the roughly 3 mile run from Waikiki to Waialea Dr & 12th Ave.

Waikiki to Kaimuki

Koko Head Cafe

This is the best healthy restaurant near Waikiki. Koko Head Cafe is a local gem that offers açaí bowls, smoothies, and hot breakfast items. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally and the quality is exponentially better than anything you will find in at the touristy restaurants in Waikiki.

Moke’s Bread & Breakfast

Looking for quality comfort food? Moke’s serves up local Hawaiian plate breakfasts. The most popular is the Loco Moco which has two scopes white rice, two hamburger patties, two eggs, and is smothered with gravy. More modest options include a more classic bento style breakfast of eggs, rice and a protein – typically Portuguese sausage, SPAM, or bacon.

Mud Hen Water

If you are looking for a more formal breakfast experience that still has the laid back Hawaii vibe, check out Mud Hen Water. This sit down restaurant has been the talk of Kaimuki since its opening. The dinners here are amazing as well.

Traditional Hawaii Breakfast

If you want to have enough energy for hours of water time, you need to fuel up like the locals. The amount of calories you burn while surfing is insane. Wear your Apple Watch, Garmin, or Whoop next time you go for a surf and you will see what I mean. Because of this, I never hesitated going big on breakfast.

My go to was a plate with one scoop white rice, two slices of SPAM, and two eggs. Some days I would opt for poi on the side as well. Poi is made from taro root and is a great complex carbohydrate that is low in fat and high in Vitamin A.

Best Brunch in Honolulu

Hoku’s At The Kahala (Sunday Brunch)

Hoku's at the Kahala

The Kahala Hotel is a less known resort that is on the other side of Diamond Head near the Wailea Country Club. Even more unknown to most is that their 5-star dinner restaurant, Hoku’s At The Kahala, features an incredible Sunday Brunch. Enjoy ocean front brunch at its finest while enjoying what many say is the best brunch on Oahu. Hoku’s is a formal restaurant and great for special occasions.

Hau Tree Lanai at Kaimana Beach Hotel

Hau Tree at Kaimana Beach Hotel

The Hau Tree Lanai has the best Avocado Toast on the island and the best brunch menu in Waikiki. From healthy options to fuel a day of outdoor adventure to comfort foods like the Kaimana Beach Burger to soak up the night before, Hau Tree is the best brunch spot in Honolulu. Located at the Kaimana Beach Hotel just outside Waikiki, the Hau Tree is on the water and offers panoramic ocean views and great city views of Waikiki.