Mountain biking is a sport that demands control and quick reflexes. Equipment plays a crucial part in determining how well you perform on the trails. Having the right gloves for the conditions ensures optimal performance on the trials. In this article, I review the mens POC Savant MTB Glove. This high-quality Mountain Biking Glove has been specially designed to meet the particular needs of mountain bikers. Made from durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials, the Savant MTB Glove provides superior comfort and grip.

POC Savant Glove First Thoughts

I love the form fitting feel of this glove. Having perforation on both sides of the glove really helps the overall fit. Combined with a beefed up thumb pad, this glove has surprisingly long life for how light it is. The large silicone print finger tips on the index and middle finger provide great traction on the brake levers as well. These silicone print fingers are also touchscreen compatible… perfect for updating The Klubb mobile app 😎.

Durability and Comfort

The POC Savant MTB Glove is made from high-quality materials that offer maximum comfort. The glove is made of a breathable mesh fabric that provides exceptional ventilation to keep your hands dry. The glove’s four-way stretch fabric ensures that it fits your hands snugly, eliminating the pressure points that cause discomfort.

Perfect Fitting Design

The Savant MTB Glove is one of the most comfortable gloves for mountain bikers. It has a slim and contoured fit that molds the shape of your hand. The glove features a pull-tab on the cuff that allows you to adjust the fitting and quickly slip it on and off at your convenience. Being almost entirely perforated, the POS Savant truly fits like a glove.

The breathable mesh fabric that allows air to flow through your hands preventing sweat buildup in the gloves. With the SLIP-ON design of these gloves, you can easily slip them on and off. This design also helps to avoid any pressure points on your hands.

The Savant MTB Glove is best for…

Given the light weight design and perforated fabric, this glove is made for performance riding. I love the Savant glove for ripping flowing single track trails in the summer. If you are exceptionally hard on your gloves, the POC Savant might not hold up as well as something more durable like the Troy Lee Designs Air Glove that features a durable synthetic leather palm. I recommend this glove for advanced riders who care more about performance than protection.