Located to the right of the entrance to the Hilton boat channel, Kaiser’s is a local favorite for fast, hollow surf. The ultra-shallow reef break pumps out fast barreling waves even on relatively small swells. This wave is not for beginners! Aside from the urchin-covered reef, there are old pipes that jet up and can snag your leash.

Just like many of the more advanced South Shore waves, Kaiser’s a go-to for locals pre and post-work surfing. When surfing at Kaiser’s for the first time, be considerate of the locals who are on a time crunch to get waves before having to go to work.

How to get to Kaisers Surf Spot

Kaiser’s is a short walk from most of the hotels in Waikiki. There is also a large parking lot right in front of where the surf break is. From the parking lot there are two options to get to the surf break;

kaisers surf spot
How to get to Kaisers Surf Spot
  1. Walk to the end of the rock jetty and jump off. This is the preferred method for locals and is not recommended for intermediate surfers. Depending on the tide, you will need to time your jump during a swell surge so as not to hit one of the many scattered rocks.
  2. Start at the beach and paddle along the jetty to the boat channel. The water along the jetty is plenty deep along the jetty, so you won’t risk breaking off a skeg. Avoid the temptation to paddle straight towards Kiaser’s surf spot as the reef is very shallow on the inside. Paddle to the end of the jetty and make a right turn into the deep boat channel.

Kaiser’s wave is just past the last channel marker. Keep to the right of the channel markers as you paddle out as boats are actively coming in and out.

kaisers waikiki hawaii
A Typical Day at Kaiser’s Surf Spot

About Kaisers Surf Break

Kaiser’s is best known for the fast and hollow right barrels but does have a super fun left that sometimes is even better than the right. On very steep South swells, the left will come alive and create barrels so big that you will think you are at Pipeline. On most days, however, the wave is manageable for most intermediate-level surfs, as shown in the video below.

Kaisers Surf Spot

Editor Notes: I’ve surfed Kaisers probably 100 times and have never had a bad day there. On big swells it is the kind of place that forces you to find your flow state and focus 200% on what is going on in the water. It is also well known that a big female tiger shark patrols the channel leading out.

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