5 Best Surfing Spots in San Luis Obispo

1. Spyglass Park 

Spyglass Park in Shell Beach, San Luis Obispo, is the best surf spot with parking and showers. Advanced surfers enjoy the fast wave, but beginners beware of hazards like rocks, kelp, and territorial locals.

2. Morro Bay

Morro Bay, a stunning beach in San Luis Obispo, is a favored spot for experienced surfers due to challenging wave breaks. Best surf conditions occur in fall and winter, with nearby surf shops and rentals adding to the convenience.

3. Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach: A top tourist destination, great for beginner surfers with gentle, mellow waves. Offers a safe and friendly atmosphere with beautiful views and marine life.

4. Cayucos

Cayucos: Founded in 1867, offers good surf during specific swells, warmer and less crowded than Pismo Beach. Best conditions: high tide, southwest swells, northeast wind. Suitable for beginners to intermediates.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone Beach, Cambria: Secluded surf spot, best with west to southwest swell, low tide, easterly wind. Sandy bottom, rocks. 30 minutes north on Highway 1, near San Simeon. Watch for closures during seal activity.