Visit Bergen Norway Sauna

Bergen's waterfront saunas offer a unique blend of cold plunges in Norwegian waters and warm sauna sessions, creating a refreshing experience for visitors and locals alike.

Take Cold Plunge 

After an icy plunge with my GoPro, a rookie towel mistake led to a surprising post-plunge warmth and mental clarity, akin to a refreshing reset.

Visit Nygårdsparken Park

Nygårdsparken Park, near Vilvite Science Center, transformed from a zoo to an 18-acre leisure spot easily reached from nearby hotels.

Take A Free Walking Tour

Arriving in a new place, I opt for a free walking tour by Nordic Freedom Tours to explore highlights and get local insights. Don't forget to tip your guide!

Visit The Maritime Museum

Bergen Maritime Museum, founded in 1914, offers a brief walk from the city center to explore over 2,000 years of maritime history with full-size ships, paintings, and artifacts.

Explore The Botanical Garden

Bergen's 17-acre Botanical Garden, since 1996, showcases 5,000+ plants, including Norway's largest rose collection. Sections like the Sunny Meadow offer diverse retreats.

Hike Mount Ulriken

Mount Ulriken, Bergen's tallest at 643 meters, offers stunning views with an eight-minute cable car ride for 345 NOK round trip. Try Norway's fastest 300-meter zipline for 490 NOK.