Things To Do In Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley, like Aspen and Telluride, had humble beginnings as a mining village with gold, copper, and timber. Orville E. Pattison acquired much of the land post-World War II, and developer Ernie Blake's vision in the 1950s fueled growth, introducing lifts like Al’s Run (Lift One) by 1957. The ski destination evolved from mining roots to a renowned skiing spot.

Experience the enchantment of New Mexico with stunning sunsets and thrilling skiing at Taos Ski Valley—an extraordinary destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Things to do in winter

1. Skiing Kachina Peak

2. Bootpacking Taos Mountain

3. Family Friendly Snow Activities

Things to do in summer

Discover cool summer adventures in TSV with hiking, biking, and nature escapes. At 9,300 feet elevation, it's a haven for Texans and locals, offering varied weather and occasional thunderstorms.

1. Hiking in Taos

2. Mountain Biking Taos Mountain

3. eBike Rides in Taos Ski Valley