In Hawaii, Waikiki means “the gathering place”. Today, people from all over the world gather in Waikiki to enjoy the shopping on Kalakaua Avenue, the fun waves at Waikiki Beach, and the luxury resorts that line the shore. Waikiki is also the start and finish of one of the biggest running races in the world, the Honolulu Marathon. If you are traveling to Waikiki, be sure to bring your running shoes to explore some of the top Waikiki running routes.

The Best Running Routes in Waikiki

Waikiki is nearly completely surrounded by water, thanks to the Ala Wai canal. This makes Waikiki the perfect place for running loops. With the resorts all within this small area, the starting point can really be anywhere along the route provided below.

Waikiki Running Loop (4.8 miles)
The Klubb: Waikiki Running Loop (4.8 miles)

For a shorter out-and-back run, start at the Duke Statue and head towards For Derussy Beach Park. This route takes you along the beach and around the pond at the Hilton. The best part of this loop is that you can check out the surf at Kaiser’s.

Kaiser's Surf Check Loop (~3 miles)
Kaiser’s Surf Check Loop (~3 miles)